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Manage eCommerce Growth At-Scale

We help teams rapidly recognize then react to trends, competitor activities, and market changes affecting your products


Discover new growth opportunities and tasks to be completed for the week


Diagnose digital shelf performance, locate revenue loss and easily make improvements


Collaborate to track products, assign tasks to team members and monitor progress


Measure the impact of activities and identify winning tactics and strategies


  • AI surfaces and prioritizes relevant insights to grow and protect your portfolio
  • Competitor and market insights to optimize search, content, pricing, assortment and inventory
  • Discover new growth opportunities and team tasks to be completed for the week


  • Get the full picture of your brands digital shelf performance, weaknesses and strengths 
  • View competitors, their products and how they rank against your brand
  • Diagnose digital shelf performance, locate revenue loss and easily make improvements


  • Prioritize products to improve or campaigns to optimize, then track progress to completion 
  • Benchmark sales KPIs against competitors or set goals for your team 
  • Collaborate to track products, assign team members and monitor productivity


  • Track and measure performance of optimizations for specific products or campaigns
  • Review product or category performance over a specific time frame or compare against previous periods
  • Measure impact of improvements or activities to identify winning strategies and tactics

AI Sales Insights

and Growth Opportunities

  • Proactive AI delivers lucrative opportunities to help your team guide growth for sales and profits 
  • Easily review top performers and underperforming products across your product catalogue 
  • Track search performance over time to strategically optimize ASIN visibility while boosting campaign impact and ROI
  • Measure impact, monitor performance and report with tools built to streamline the reporting process for teams
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Team Collaboration 

and Task Management

  • Easily collaborate on projects and assign tasks across your ecommerce team
  • Boost productivity for your cross-functional teams with powerful digital shelf tools
  • Simplify team collaboration to support performance-driven ecommerce growth
  • Empower your ecommerce team with tools to improve workflow productivity
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Amazon Revenue

Monitoring and Protection

  • Proactive monitoring helps your team stay ahead and mitigate revenue risks before it occurs
  • Reduce the time required to diagnose the source and root cause of any lost revenue
  • Spend more time focused on sales growth while safeguarding your sales revenue and profits
  • Maintain price integrity with predictive pricing modeling and recommendations to help drive sales

Competitor and

Category Intelligence

  • Gain visibility into competitors, categories and digital shelf insights impacting your brand performance.
  • Compare and contrast your brand or products against competitors to develop a winning sales strategy
  • Obtain key product insights that enable your eCommerce team to learn, optimize and outperform benchmarks
  • Launch products and campaigns that leverage data to unlock untapped sales potential
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Monitor, Measure 

and Report Impact

  • Quantify improvements and optimizations by measuring performance fluctuations 
  • View and measure impact of utilizing Noogata’s tools and recommendations 
  • Track the performance of your ecommerce team and their goals to ensure success
  • Review and report easily with reporting tools that integrate into your workflow
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Empower Your eCommerce Team With Amazon Marketplace Intelligence

From sales to impression data, get a complete view of your competitors, categories and product performance.

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Everything you need to take action
Enable your teams to make tactical and strategic decisions with competitive intelligence built for growing eCommerce brands

Discover competing brands to monitor and measure Amazon market share or impressions

View your brands digital shelf performance and compare against the competition

AI optimizations boosts performance for product pricing, content and advertising at scale

Digital Shelf

Zoom into emerging search trends for your products and categories Highlight your share of ownership for paid vs organic search Capitalize on search trend opportunities ahead of competitors
Optimize product content with recommendations that drive organic conversion and increased visibility

Content scoring lets you easily identify weak performing product content and new opportunities for impact

Rapidly generate titles and descriptions for newly launched products at scale Perfect Content
View the top-performing keywords driving traffic to newly launched products

Protect your bid budget with smarter predictions instead of generic recommendation

Discover high-performance keywords and ASINs to target and expand ad reach Ad Booster

Forget dashboards! Grow with AI.


Generated over $250M sales for CPGs and digital brands


Launched 250,000+ high-performing products on Amazon


AI reduces data analysis and insight discovery time by 85%


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