Multiply Amazon sales and maximize revenue, with AI insights to help your brand outperform and win more.

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Simplifying Amazon Growth With AI

Today’s CPGs and digital brands can’t rely on endless analytical dashboards and hunting for insights that make a difference.

Noogata’s AI assistant simplifies insight discovery, guides your team with strategic recommendations and digital shelf tools forAmazon growth.

No guesswork, no stress. Let AI discover insights that make an impact.

AI Insights Feed

  • Noogata’s AI assistant monitors Amazon data and delivers insights into a streamlined feed
  • Get alerted when competitors make changes impacting your brand and guided recommendations for next steps
  • Confidently take action with proven insights and competitive intelligence that’s guaranteed to boost performance
  • Discover new opportunities to grow your business while protecting brand positioning

Take Action and Outperform

  • Our powerful digital shelf tools optimizes, improves, and boosts performance for product pricing, content and advertising campaigns
  • Get insights into your complete competitive landscape across all your Amazon categories, and outperform competitors
  • Guide your decisions and strategies with insights that help grow traffic, boost sales and enhance product visibility
  • Superior AI insights and keyword recommendations hyper-drives traffic to your brands’ products

Collaborate and Win More

  • For CPGs or large digital brands,  easily collaborate on projects and assign action items to the eCommerce team 
  • Boost productivity for your cross-functional teams with digital shelf tools for teams
  • Introduce a new level of team collaboration  to support a performance-driven eCommerce growth 
  • Get organized and confident to make impact with better insights and smarter strategies

Monitor and Measure Success

  • Quantify improvements and optimizations by measuring performance growth
  • View and measure the impact of utilizing Noogata’s tools and recommendations
  • Track the performance of your eCommerce teams to ensure continued success
  • Review results with reporting tools you can export and integrate into your strategy
Everything you need to take action
Enable your teams to make tactical and strategic decisions with competitive intelligence built for growing eCommerce brands
  • Discover competing brands to monitor and measure Amazon market share or impressions
  • View your brands digital shelf performance and compare against the competition 
  • AI optimizations boosts performance for product pricing, content and advertising at scale 

Digital Shelf

  • Zoom into emerging search trends for your products and categories
  • Highlight your share of ownership for paid vs organic search
  • Capitalize on search trend opportunities ahead of competitors
Search Trendspotting
  • Optimize product content with recommendations that drive organic conversion and increased visibility
  • Content scoring lets you easily identify weak performing product content and new opportunities for impact
  • Rapidly generate titles and descriptions for newly launched products at scale
Perfect Content
  • View the top-performing keywords driving traffic to newly launched products
  • Protect your bid budget with smarter predictions instead of generic recommendation
  • Discover high-performance keywords and ASINs to target and expand ad reach
Ad Booster

Forget dashboards! Grow with AI.


Generated over $250M sales for CPGs and digital brands


Launched 250,000+ high-performing products on Amazon


AI reduces data analysis and insight discovery time by 85%


Boost ad performance by 30% with high performance prediction

Monitor data, discover insights, and take action today.