Noogata for Amazon Vendors

With more access to data sources than ever before, CPG and retail enterprises will need to leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to empower data-driven business decisions in an increasingly competitive market.​

“We have extremely ambitious plans to use e-commerce to drive sales growth globally. To achieve this, we needed a partner who can provide real insight at a granular level around e-commerce data in order to help us to identify opportunities and adapt quickly to any changes in market conditions. Noogata’s platform will ensure we optimize the effectiveness of our online marketing and business strategies, facilitating more targeted sales and higher volumes.”

 Andrew Hattem, CEO at the Bugatti Group.

Noogata Harmonizes & Enriches Amazon Analytics to Extract Critical Insights

Empower Your Organization to Tackle Critical Business Cases, Drive Sales, and Monitor Competitor Products with AI

Noogata Simplifies Data From Amazon Retail Analytics, Product Landing Pages, and Dynamic Search Result Pages To

The Noogata Advantage

Automate Your Data Analysis for Efficient Monitoring and Data-Driven Decision Making

Skip complex and time consuming manual data collection without sacrificing flexibility or granularity. Noogata will surface and consolidate the most important data points, and provide historical context and AI enriched insights automatically.

Noogata Features for Amazon Vendors

Evaluate competitor’s product exposure efficacy

Optimize, enrich, and assess product search terms, descriptions, and search volume

Model data on products & search volume

Cluster buying intent patterns

Identify top performing products by search term

Measure the impact of organic and paid product exposure

Model the Search Volume Size for Each Topic

Identify Winning Products across each Search Term

Model Share and Size of a Your Products Search Exposure vs its Competitive Set

Score the Content for Each Listing: Title, About, Description

Update and Re-Score Content with AI Recommended Keywords

Surface When Title Changes go live or other PDP Updates Happen For Any Listing

Measure Impact of Content Updates on Products Organic Exposure and Share of Search

Case Study

Boosting e-Commerce with Noogata

A leading consumer goods company and digital native brand sought new cutting edge technology to drive product sales, so they began working with Noogata in 2021. The customer wanted to address four core challenges. Download our ebook to see how one company leveraged no-code AI to:

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