Noogata for Analytics Leaders

Noogata leverages marketplace analytics and infuses it with AI and ML so that analytics leaders can expedite data cleansing and harmonization as well as implement a foundation for customizable analysis.

“Noogata's robust suite of analytics tools identifies content that helps us to optimize product keywords and level with competitors. Thanks to Noogata, we've been able to measure our brand's share of voice, bring our content and advertising in house, and reduce overall costs.”

Karim Hallaba, Brand Manager at Colgate-Palmolive

Noogata Harmonizes Retail Analytics For Data Enrichment and Flexible Analysis

Expedite Data Cleansing and Standardize Data on Product Search Terms, Brand Experience, and Consumer Buying Intentions

Noogata Simplifies From Amazon Retail Analytics, Product Landing Pages, and Dynamic Search Result Pages To:

The Noogata Advantage

Automate Mundane Data Cleansing and Harmonization Tasks

Aggregate your data into one system for easy analysis, visualization, and decision-making. Noogata consolidates critical data points and enriches it with AI so that you can focus on advanced analysis and model building.

Noogata Features for Analytics Leaders

Develop AI models from data on products & search volume

Cluster buying intent patterns to easily identity consumer trends

Expedite data cleansing to ID marketplace trends, top performing products by search term, and upgrade your product strategy

Harmonize omni-channel marketplace data to assess the impact of promotional efforts

Evaluate competitor’s product exposure relative to your own brand

Assess, optimize, and enrich product search terms, descriptions, and search volume

Model the Search Volume Size for Each Topic

Identify Winning Products across each Search Term

Model Share and Size of a Your Products Search Exposure vs its Competitive Set

Score the Content for Each Listing: Title, About, Description

Update and Re-Score Content with AI Recommended Keywords

Surface When Title Changes go live or other PDP Updates Happen For Any Listing

Measure Impact of Content Updates on Products Organic Exposure and Share of Search

Case Study

Boosting e-Commerce with Noogata

A leading consumer goods company and digital native brand sought new cutting edge technology to drive product sales, so they began working with Noogata in 2021. The customer wanted to address four core challenges. Download our ebook to see how one company leveraged no-code AI to:

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