GASP: Marketers can and should use technology and ai

For most marketers, the thought of becoming a data scientist seems a little out of left field. After all, our jobs are about being creative, building brands and driving revenues by providing our target audiences with what they need and want. We think of brilliant marketers as being the ones who come up with that […]

AI in eCommerce: Seasonality & Sports’ Impact on Sales – Noogata

With the Australian Open in our rear view mirror, Tennis fans at Noogata (that’s right – there’s at least 2 of us!) are excited to serve up some eCommerce trends and findings in the sports equipment space. Spikes in eCommerce searches and sales tend to be attributed to either Seasonality (think: increased sunscreen sales every […]

Retail trends for 2022: what to expect for the year ahead

The last couple of years have been characterized by uncertainty, which makes predicting the year ahead much more challenging. In this article, Noogata chief executive and co-founder Assaf Egozi takes on that challenge and outlines five key retail trends to look out for in 2022. 

The Year to Embed AI for Business Success

A few weeks into my role as CRO and GM of the Americas at Noogata, the excitement, challenges, and learnings aren’t slowing down! A big part of my enjoyment of this role is because, as I knew when I joined, Noogata is transforming how people in positions like mine (sales, marketing, operations, finance, and even […]

From Neuroscience to AI

From neuroscience to AI – revelling in the replication of neural networks in AI solutions 

Using AI-Driven Analytics to Uncover Baby-Care Trends – Noogata

It seems everywhere you look, brands are pushing hard to position their products as organic, natural, eco-friendly, or ecological. But does this strategy actually drive sales? What are consumers actually choosing?  On the basis that organic and/or eco-friendly products are particularly high profile in the baby-care space, we used this as a product category and […]

Yes – let’s unlock things for data analysts

Group of team members putting their hands in to celebrate Fleur Sohtz being annoucned as the new Chief Revenue Officer for Noogata

I’ve spent 20 years in the data industry, working with teams and solution providers in this incredibly fast-moving industry. But from the moment I met the Noogata team, one of the great companies within the Team8 portfolio, I’ve been excited by the opportunities inherent in their approach. I saw immediately that what they’re doing will […]