Boost your eCommerce growth with AI

With more access to data sources than ever before, CPG and retail enterprises will need to leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to empower data-driven business decisions in an increasingly competitive market.

Noogata’s modular AI blocks are designed to answer specific eCommerce business questions and quickly deliver insights.

Use Noogata’s blocks individually or together to identify and monitor your own and competitors’ products. Adapt your product listings based on search terms, listing content, pricing, and availability data.

  • Designed for specific business functions, the blocks cover the most critical and common use cases.
  • External enrichment data is automatically integrated to make the most of enterprise data sets.
Group 7119(1)

Competitive Landscape

Discover and track competing products

Group 7122(1)

Perfect Content

Optimize product listings to increase exposure and conversion


Product Click Performance

Discover your competitors' click share in your context

Group 7118

Product Enrichment

Automatically collect a comprehensive set of public data for any product list

Group 7120(1)

Product Exposure

Measure how much exposure your products are getting on Amazon search

Group 7114

Product Tracker

Monitor and track changes to product listings


Search Term Discovery

Uncover all relevant Amazon search terms for your products

Group 7116(1)

Search Term Enrichment

Generate AI-driven KPIs for a list of search terms

Group 7121(1)

Search Topic Analysis

Cluster search terms using 
AI to uncover hidden patterns in consumer behavior

Group 7117

Smart Sales KPIs

Automatically collect weekly Amazon sales KPIs for your products

Group 7117

Smart Sales KPIs

Automatically collect weekly Amazon sales KPIs for your products

Group 7123


Spot and analyze consumer search trends important to your product category

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The Noogata

No need for data science or coding experience – Noogata is easy to use and accessible to all users. Installation, configuration, and navigation are all simple and intuitive. Seamless integration with existing data platforms and business intelligence tools at the enterprise level.
Working across teams is simple – users can share saved views and searches or keep them private as needed.
Automate your data analysis and updates for ongoing monitoring and decision making.

How does it work?

Imagine a series of highly engineered blocks used to build solutions that work, individually or together.

Noogata’s AI blocks work together to build AI Solutions for business users. Used individually or in combination, they create a powerful engine that extracts valuable insights, analysis, and predictions from data. Noogata blocks enrich any combination of your own or third-party data. What matters is that it really is as easy as clicking a button.

“There are upwards of 350 million products sold on Amazon, and each one is vying for a top position. The AI models that Noogata provide are critical as we look to optimize our product descriptions, advertising, inventory, and pricing structure.”

Stacey Renfro, CEO, mDesign

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