Close your bricks & mortar data gap with Noogata –
no-code enterprise AI

Noogata’s platform makes AI and ML capabilities accessible to any citizen data analyst . The plug-and-play modular design is both infinitely customizable to answer data-driven questions and simple enough for anyone to get started quickly.

Noogata’s modular AI blocks work with the analytics systems you use today and delivers results to your CRM systems

Enrich your location data with a wide range of external data sources

Integrate your ecommerce and bricks & mortar sales data to create a holistic omnichannel picture

Optimize your bricks & mortar business with Noogata’s
pre-built location analytics AI models, built for anyone to use.


Truly understand your current locations

Collect data from multiple internal (e.g., your direct-to-consumer ecommerce sales) and external (e.g., demographics, foot traffic, climate, points of interest) data sources for deeper insight into each of your current or future physical locations.
  • Discover untapped markets
  • Identify locations that are overextended or overserviced


Ensure optimal product assortment in each location

Get an omnichannel view of sales and products success across locations (by zip code, county etc.).

  • Establish genuine sales drivers
  • Expand, optimize and predict your field sales activity


Enable your teams with the insights they need

Noogata’s modular design means that product, marketing, field sales and operations teams all get the specific insight they need.

Noogata’s AI platform takes billions of data points from multiple sources and transforms them into intelligent recommendations that drive bricks & mortar decisions.

With Noogata’s no-code AI-powered location analytics you can:

  • Use AI modeling to detect core drivers for successful local sales at zip code level. Noogata automatically looks at hundreds of different location parameters including weather, demographics, zoning, commercial etc.
  • Score counties and zip codes for expansion by predicting future sales and market growth.
  • Scour the web to identify high quality leads based on business type, rating, price range, foot traffic and more.
  • Run ad hoc analytics, based on what you need to know.
  • Tailor the AI bricks and boards according to your business needs.

Remove the bricks & mortar data blind spot to optimize your sales and operations in the real world with AI-driven insights based on hundreds of data sources.

About Noogata no-code AI for location analytics

Noogata is a cloud-based, no-code AI data analytics platform for enterprises. It gives anyone who needs to understand the fiercely competitive retail space a fast, scalable, customizable and self-service way to unlock data—both their own and market data.

With Noogata you don’t need to be a data scientist to apply the power of AI and ML to your data, today. Want to know more?