What is Noogata's All-in-One Analytics Stack

Noogata’s platform makes AI and ML capabilities accessible to any business user. The plug-and-play modular design is both infinitely customizable to answer data-driven questions and simple enough for anyone to get started quickly.

How does it work?

Imagine a series of highly engineered blocks used to build solutions that work, individually or together.

Noogata’s AI blocks work together to build AI Solutions for business users. Used individually or in combination, they create a powerful engine that extracts valuable insights, analysis, and predictions from data. Noogata blocks enrich any combination of your own or third-party data. Get insights with a click of a button.

Modular AI blocks built

for any user

Schedule and automate your workflows

Customizable to your business analytics needs

IT department friendly

Available in SaaS

Works seamlessly with your enterprise data stack

Modular AI building blocks

Choose from a wide range of models and analytics
blocks in the Noogata Library built for specific
domains, industries or data types.

Customizable to your
business analytics needs

Start with a single block or pre-built template,
then combine blocks to achieve your data
outcomes. Noogata’s platform balances simplicity and
ease-of-use with the flexibility to work your way.

Scheduled and automated
data flows

With the Noogata platform you can easily schedule
and automate your analysis flows for always up-to-
date outputs. Get alerted when new predictions and
insights arise so you can resolve any issues or
retrain your underlying models.

Component 5(2)
Component 4(1)

Connect to your data however
you want to

Augment your data with easy integration with third-party operational systems and databases: You’ll get great results whether you upload a spreadsheet to the Noogata platform, connect Noogata to Google Drive, or integrate it with your enterprise data warehouse for transparent data synching.

Noogata is built for the enterprise
and the modern data stack



  • ISO27001 & SOC2 compliant
  • Dedicated client environment with full data isolation
  • Role-based permissions
  • User management
  • SAML/SSO Authentication

Available as SaaS

The SaaS option is simple and convenient with enterprise-grade security