The Five-Step Guide For Growing Amazon Sales with AI

By Jaron Seijffers on April 19, 2023

How AI improves Amazon digital shelf performance and growth strategies for CPGs and digital brands.


According to reports, over 75% of eCommerce businesses are planning to implement AI into their daily workflow. That’s why in the near future, performance and data-driven professionals will be the ones that will achieve greater success by utilizing the potential of AI.

If you’re an eCommerce professional, director, or brand manager looking for ways to take advantage of the AI hype and boost your Amazon sales then this article is for you. 

In this guide, Noogata will take you through a simple yet effective five-step plan to boost your Amazon sales with the help of generative AI tools and solutions for eCommerce. 


Step 1: Setup Amazon Data Monitoring


The first step to unlocking Amazon sales with AI is to analyze your existing Amazon sales data. Noogata’s AI assistant locates actionable insights 90% faster than other solutions, with even greater data accuracy. 

Here’s how you can set it up.

Connect your Amazon account to gain deeper insights into Amazon sales data to identify patterns, trends, and growth opportunities. Once connected to your Amazon Seller account, Noogata also leverages Amazon’s one-million ASIN list, in addition to our proprietary data collection methods to ensure richer data for smarter recommendation outputs. 

What’s unique about our approach is that Noogata measures product performance by impressions instead of page rankings, to get a more consistently accurate measurement

Once validated and verified, your Amazon data is processed by the Noogata AI engine and machine learning models. Noogata then breaks down your data into 4 separate viewpoints: Brand Intelligence, Category Insights, Product Insights and Consumer Search. 

Each of these four viewpoints provide a different perspective into the performance of your Amazon digital shelf, category competitors, sales trends, and how consumers are searching to discover your brand. For example, now it’s easy for you to know how many people are viewing your and competitor products in each search term on Amazon. From here you or your eCommerce team and review your data manually to discover insights, or let Noogata’s AI assistant do it for you. 


Step 2: AI Discovers and Delivers Insights 

“AI will not replace eCommerce professionals, however the professionals that leverage AI will ultimately replace those that do not”

Instead of hunting for insights, we developed the Noogata AI assistant to scan Amazon daily, delivering high-performance recommendations, and actionable strategies your team can act on – in one simple feed. 

The AI engine connects billions of Amazon data points to decipher data and alerts you  to market trends, revenue risks, market share challenges, growth opportunities, and more. 

Once you’ve analyzed your sales data, the next step is to identify key areas for improvement. You can filter the various insights and opportunities by priority of profitability or based on your offensive or defensive strategy.

This may include optimizing product listings, improving advertising campaigns, or adjusting pricing strategies. Remember, the more you use Noogata’s AI, and the more data it analyzes,  the results from our AI recommendations and strategic insights continuously improve. 


Step 3: From Insights to Actionable Strategies 

eCommerce professionals spend more than 60% of their time only looking at eCommerce data, but struggle to convert insights to strategies.

When you have dozens of brands or thousands of products, discovering insights can be almost impossible. Noogata’s AI assistant actively monitors your digital shelf data,  the competitive landscape, discovers relevant insights, and delivers them for the team to capitalize on. More importantly, for large CPGs or agencies managing multiple brands, Noogata’s solution can support scaling to analyze thousands of ASINS across Amazon categories. 

While discovering insights is imperative to success, it’s only one half of the solution. More than 75% of eCommerce businesses are not using AI technology to help them grow online. Which will prove harmful for those businesses as competitors leverage technology to stay ahead. 

Noogata’s AI goes beyond providing important insights. With our Ai assistant, you get insights paired with proven strategies to help protect or grow market share, boost product visibility or grow revenue or detect revenue risks and more. 

For example, let’s say you have instructed Noogata to focus on offensive strategy with the goal of increasing market share. If one of your competitors increases ad spend significantly, if it impacts your brand, you will receive an alert to protect market share. In just a glance you can see the competitor challenging your brand, the products and categories it affects and recommended strategies to take action.


This type of continuous and targeted monitoring allows you and your team to focus on taking action instead of spreadsheet diving. However, taking action requires digital shelf tools that allow you to make improvements across Amazon advertising and content performance. 


Step 4: Boost Amazon Advertising Performance

Advertising and product content can grow in performance by over 50% with simple optimizations and timely improvements. 

The Ad Booster tool is dedicated to improving and boosting Amazon advertising at scale. With AI-powered targeting and optimization, you can ensure that your ads are seen by the right people at the right time, resulting in higher campaign conversion rates, ROI but with a reduced ACOS. 

Ad Booster can also help you protect your budget with smarter predictions, view keywords driving traffic to your products, identify poor performing keywords and get alerts to impactful advertising opportunities that go beyond Amazon’s basic recommendations. 

Step 5: Optimize and Launch High-Performance Content

eCommerce professionals that focus on content optimizations launch products that perform 85% better then basic Amazon recommendations. 

Once your ad is live, it all comes down to your product content. The Perfect Content tool leverages AI to help you publish high-performance product pages with keyword recommendations. Our keyword and content scoring features lets you see the impact of  content changes in real time to help maximize product visibility and stay on top of consumer trends and changes in search behaviors. 

In the graphic below, you can see how leveraging this tool can create high-performing content that is optimized for increased searchability, and launch thousands of products with content that’s guaranteed to perform. 

Noogata will be releasing an AI solution to automatically add keywords and complete sentences that provide additional context without requiring manual content updates. Simply select the keywords you wish to add, and Noogata’s AI will fill in the context. This feature is currently in Beta for select customers and will be added to our existing perfect content tool. 

[Request Access for AI Beta]


Connect with Noogata for eCommerce AI

Are you an eCommerce professional looking to boost your eCommerce strategy? Noogata understands the pains and complexities of leveraging data to discover insights. Previously reserved for global consumer brands, Noogata’s AI solutions are specifically designed to help any company, from digital brands to CPGs, and marketing agencies, to grow their brands with ease. 

By following these five steps and leveraging Noogata’s AI solutions, you can unlock your Amazon sales potential and take your eCommerce business to the next level. If you are an eCommer professional, what are you waiting for? Get eCommerce AI and start growing your Amazon sales to new heights.

Interested in seeing Noogata in action? Send some ASINs for a preview of our AI. 

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