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Price Pack Architecture (PPA)

Price Pack Architecture (PPA) is a complicated process that helps brands to review products, and packaged bundles to ensure they provide the best products, competitive prices, and superior value for consumers.

The PPA Challenge
  • Lack of pre-analysis support and automation for PPA data
  • Enriching and normalizing data at-scale for PPA analysis
  • Automating a time-consuming and complex manual process
  • Locating opportunities for PPA improvements and innovations
  • Low reliability and trust in processed data output for large portfolios
The Noogata Solution
  • Plug-and-play access to data with Noogata’s API
  • Cross validating data points to ensure high-quality data output results
  • NLP allows for PPA data normalization and accurate product comparisons
  • Cross-compare products, packaging and pricing across categories and competitors
  • Custom environments with access to Noogata’s solutions architects and eCommerce data experts
AI-Powered PPA
  • Al helps to optimize and complete the PPA process routinely with ease
  • Easily identify unique features and pricing details for products at-scale
  • Locate strategic pricing and packaging insights from your eCommerce data
  • A continuous learning AI that improves results over time without human error

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