Grow Amazon sales for your
digital brand portfolio

Manage and grow your digital brand portfolio with AI strategic insights and strategies.

Trusted by today’s leading global consumer and digital brands

For eCommerce agencies managing multiple brands,
Noogata’s AI and digital shelf tools helps scale up
performance across Amazon categories. 

AI Insights Feed

  • An AI assistant delivers your Amazon insights into a streamlined feed
  • Guide your strategy and next steps with recommendations proven to perform
  • Get alerts when competitors make changes impacting your brand 
  • Discover new opportunities to grow your business while protecting brand positioning

Competitive Digital
Shelf Solutions

  • Quickly optimize and boost performance for product pricing, content and advertising
  • View insights into Amazon’s competitive landscape across all your categories
  • Guide decisions and strategies with insights that grows traffic and boost sales
  • Superior AI insights hyper-drives traffic to your brand products

Scale Up High-Performance Content

  • Optimize product content at-scale for increased conversion and visibility
  • Real time scoring measures effectiveness of content changes
  • Benchmark content optimizations with brands in your competitive landscape
  • Launch new products with content that’s guaranteed to outperform competitors

Optimize, Measure
and Improve

  • Optimize product content for increased conversion and visibility
  • Optimize product content for increased conversion and visibility
  • Improve digital shelf visibility for all products across your Amazon categories
  • Benchmark content optimizations against brands within your competitive landscape

Forget dashboards! Grow with AI.


Generated over $250M sales for CPGs and digital brands


Launched 250,000+ high-performing products on Amazon


AI reduces data analysis and insight discovery time by 85%


Boost ad performance by 30% with high performance prediction