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Your New Chapter Starts Here

Noogata is revolutionizing how
people access and leverage AI.

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Being a tech company doesn’t mean it’s only about the technology and processes. We know that people are a critical piece of the equation.

We are building a company where passionate, smart, empathetic and driven people can be their best selves.

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Thriving at Noogata

Our people have diverse backgrounds and skill sets. A few key things unite us at Noogata.


Relentless curiosity
and creativity

We actively learn with customers, academics, technologists, and peers. Our creativity and curiosity drives
us to research and build the
best products on the market


Personal resilience
and camaraderie

Whether it be in Marketing, after Sales,
R&D, Product, or Sales, we
think, act, and celebrate as a
team, trusting and supporting
each other regardless of


A love of analyzing and problem-solving

Our team understands complexity and evolution. We see problems as opportunities and constantly look for new and thoughtful ways to connect people and technology

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Why Noogata?

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What do you like most about working at Noogata?

“The people of course! It’s all hands on deck, and everyone is willing to do a lot in order to deliver great insights to our clients. I also like the influence the R&D team has on

the product itself.”

Amit Ripshtos, R&D Team Leader, Noogata

Why Noogata?


What do you like most about working at Noogata?

“I joined Noogata because I believe that AI will help shape the future and deliver tremendous value for organizations trying to figure out how to best leverage their data. We share the belief that since everyone can't be an expert, no code AI will be the quickest and easiest way for businesses to turn their data into actionable insights.”

Reginald Paris, Account Executive

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Why did you join Noogata?

“I have always been passionate about data. Joining Noogata was a great opportunity to be part of an innovative start-up with a strong vision to deliver
value through data science at scale.”

Netta Simihi, Data Scientist

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What do you like most about working at Noogata?

“At Noogata I feel like a real contributor. I can impact every aspect of the company, starting with engineering problems to product vision and even organization processes and HR.”

Pinhas Keizman, Fulll Stack Engineer

Open positions

Full Stack Engineer
Tel Aviv District, Israel
Manual Tester & QA (Student position)
Tel Aviv District, Israel