Scaling Enterprise AI (pt 2): No-Code AI Principles – Noogata

In my previous post, I looked at the difficulty in scaling enterprise AI using AutoML platforms to develop proprietary models. We concluded that this approach typically ran into two main challenges – the time taken to implement models and the difficulty maintaining focus on business outcomes. The conclusion pointed towards an alternative approach – using […]

Scaling enterprise AI (part 1): challenges with AutoML

AutoML platforms are a tempting proposition for any organization with in-house teams of data scientists looking to develop AI/ML models. Such platforms have provided a fertile sandbox to speed the development of proprietary AI/ML models. However, alternative approaches are now making AI/ML even easier to deploy and directly accessible to business users with little technical […]

AI for RevOps

A key success factor for RevOps is the ability to drive operational agility and provide customer-facing sales, marketing, and service executives with greater autonomy over their analytics and workflows.

The No Code AI Platform: Building Blocks for Success

AI Builiding Blocks

As companies look to accelerate their digital transformation, it is natural that artificial intelligence and machine learning rank high on their technology priorities. AI and ML provide vital tools for processing ‘big data.’ So as organizations continue collecting a greater variety of data, generated at higher velocities, and stored in ever greater volumes, it is […]

Why We Built Noogata

Noogata’s CTO Oren Raboy shares the company vision for delivering practical and accessible AI for enterprises looking to achieve fast results.