Learn how AI helps a leading digital brand to outperform online

By Michael Soussan on August 06, 2023

In the world of Amazon eCommerce, there are millions of sellers and digital brands competing on the largest marketplace in the world. While there are many household brands like Colgate, Palmolive, Duracell and recognizable brands, there are far more small to medium-sized digital brands that comprise a sizable segment of Amazon sellers regionally and globally.


With more products and sellers coming to Amazon every day, competition continues to swell the already crowded digital shelf. But some digital brands are able to compete with big brands and even outperform in product categories across all marketplaces online. But to stay competitive in a growing ecosystem, they looked to innovations in eCommerce technology.



  • Learn more about the leading FocusCamera digital brand

  • Discover how they use digital shelf tools and AI for Amazon  

  • See how Noogata helped increase sales by 30% with advertising tools 


About FocusCamera:


Focus Camera is a family-founded and Brooklyn-born business dating back to 1966. While they cater to their neighborhoods with two retail stores, it’s their powerful online presence that has allowed FocusCamera to succeed and outperform competitors year after year.


The company is proud to serve millions of customers from around the world, all of which connect via their award-winning website thats dedicated to helping the world’s creators to find what they need to realize their vision. 

The Noogata Connection

Several years ago, as FocusCamera continued to dominate in categories and grow online, they realized the valuable benefits of emerging eCommerce technologies, especially AI. They discovered Noogata could help them better understand their Amazon data, locate insights and improve digital shelf performance with tools for advertising and content. 


Today, they use Noogata’s digital shelf tools in addition to Noogata’s AI assistant, which automates the insight discovery process and delivers real-time growth insights for their ecommerce team. 


For example, Jessica Zuleta, the eCommerce Content Manager is responsible for overseeing, optimizing and improving product content for hundreds of products across dozens of categories. Doing this manually is not possible for a successful digital brand, so she relies on the Noogata Perfect Content tool to assist in the process. 

“Noogata’s Perfect Content tool helps us launch products that perform in crowded Amazon categories. That’s absolutely essential for my team

 – Jessica Zuleta, eCommerce Content Manager”

Noogata Digital Shelf Tool: Perfect Content

In the past, when FocusCamera optimized a large volume of product descriptions, they relied on outside vendors that led to inconsistent reporting and performance. 


After pairing with Noogata, their Amazon team took full control over the product content by utilizing the Perfect Content feature. This made it much simpler for their team to discover an assortment of valuable keyword predictions and preview a content score to showcase potential impact. This helps them to ensure that all content being published maximizes exposure. 


Today, the Perfect Content tool allows Jessica’s team to start integrating AI recommended keywords into content pages, then using a one-click tool, they can regenerate sharper, high-performance product content that makes sense and is optimized to perform.


Getting your products in focus:

When it comes to advertising on Amazon or getting your products the visibility they deserve, how do you stand out? Data scientists and trained ecommerce professionals understand that quality keyword predictions and careful competitive analysis can make or break your future success. 

At FocusCamera, Aleksey Klimchenko is the Data Scientist Team Lead on the mission to dig into data, locate useful insights and strategize on how to improve performance over time. He uses Noogata’s tools like Search Term Discovery and Ad Booster as part of his daily routine to help discover trending keywords, and optimize advertising bidding strategies for maximum product exposure. 


“With Noogata’s AI tools, navigating our data and locating vital product insights has become simple and seamless” 

– Aleksey Klimchenko, Data Scientist Team Lead

Noogata Digital Shelf Tool: Ad Booster Tool for Amazon

FocusCamera uses a variety of tools and solutions across many different marketplaces, but for Amazon advertising they trust in Noogata. The Search Term Discovery tools offer them a wider perspective of relevant keywords than internal Amazon data can provide, helping remove the guesswork of finding profitable keywords, and giving their team more time to focus on developing winning strategies to enhance product visibility. 


Coupled with the Ad Booster tool, they can zoom in even further to locate the best keywords for campaigns to target without waiting several weeks for data to accumulate before making a decision that may no longer be relevant. This ensures they never miss a lucrative opportunity and can be more aggressive when competing for specific keywords. Ultimately, these solutions help their eCommerce team to reach hundreds of new high-performance keywords across hundreds of manual campaigns. 


The potential for growth on Amazon is only hindered by a businesses ability to strategize with the best tools and technology available to them. That’s why FocusCamera continues to be a leader in their space across industry categories. The power and speed of eCommerce AI is already helping brands to grow bigger, faster and win more on Amazon’s digital shelf. 


To learn more about how Noogata supports FocusCamera’s success, check out our case study here.


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