How the Barbie brand dominated Amazon’s digital shelf

By Jaron Seijffers on July 31, 2023

In the Summer 2023, people will remember when planet earth was living in a ‘Barbie world’. While the “Barberheimer” trend took social media and even mainstream media by storm, it’s the Barbie brand that continues to make headlines and is almost impossible to miss. The Barbie brand committed to hundreds of domestic and global partnerships with a variety of brands, from pink burgers at Burger King to GAP clothing collaborations and even branded Crocs. 

The film’s promotion is considered one of the most successful marketing campaigns of the decade. But it’s the impact on eCommerce that is highlighting significant consumer trends when it comes to big, branded blockbuster movies. Noogata has discovered interesting data and insights shoowing how consumers are still searching for Barbie branded products prior to the film release date, on Amazon Prime Day, and the weeks after the movie launched. 


Below are a series of charts, graphs and insights highlighting key search trends for products during the past 6-8 weeks to-date.

Top Barbie Branded Search Terms (Week over Week)

Total Barbie Branded Search Volume (Week over Week)

To help provide more context, below are some insights extracted from the data graphs above.

  • The search term “barbie” consistently has the highest search count over the given period, indicating its broad popularity.


  • All search terms show a similar pattern: there is a notable increase in the number of searches around the middle of July 2023. This could be associated with a significant event related to the “Barbie” brand, such as a product launch, a promotional event, or a movie release.


  • After this spike, the number of searches drops but still remains higher than before the event for most search terms. This suggests that the event had a lasting impact on the popularity of these search terms.

Barbie Shirts Search Volume (Week over Week)

“Barbie Clothing” Searches – Week over Week

After looking at the total search volume for “Barbie” branded searches, it’s clear to see that clothing is the unexpected winner when it comes to consumer search.

To further reinforce the trend, when it comes to the top product customers purchased, you can see that apparel took the top spots for the top 5 Barbie branded products. Interestingly, for the top 5 products on Amazon, only 1 of them had the traditional Barbie barbie doll. 

1. Barbie Crew Neck T-Shirt

2. Barbie The Movie Doll, Margot Robbie

3. Barbie Logo T-Shirt

4. Come On Let's Go Party Sweatshirt Women

5. Barbie Logo Checkered T-Shirt


The 10 rising Barbie branded searches to date:

Search Term

Search Volume Increase

Barbie crocs


Barbie clothes for women

+ 6027.66%

Babrie shirts for women


Barbie shirt


Barbie outfit for women


Barbie dress for women


Barbie movies


Barbie costume for women


Barbie clothes for girls 


The top 10 most popular search terms related to the “Barbie” brand based on sum of their search counts:


Search Term

Search Volume



Barbie dolls


Barbie clothes for women


Barbie shirts for women


Barbie dream house


Barbie shirt


Barbie clothes


Barbie party decorations


Barbie outfit for women




Noogata’s Discovered Insights for Barbie branded results in the Amazon USA marketplace.

  • Even after Amazon Prime Day and the film release date July 20th, “Barbie” branded searches continued increasing in search volume
  • Women were searching 3 weeks before the movie was released to purchase in advance (people were preparing one month in advance for their premier outfits)
  • Largest increase was 2 weeks before launch: Saw exponential increase leading up to the premier date and continue even until after launch date 
  • While traditional merchandise (barbies, doll house, etc) is not growing as much after the film launch date, clothing is still trending upward as people want to dress up for attending the film, or are throwing themed events over the summer period.
  • Branded searches for “Barbie clothing” (452,728) trended 180% higher than the traditional “barbie dolls” search term (163,128) 
  • Barbie branded Crocs had the most dramatic search increase of over 18,000%. Prior to June, there was very little search volume for “Barbie” branded Crocs. For month of July “Barbie crocs went up by around 10,000%


  • Ken related search terms grew x10 but is still only 1/10 the search volume of barbie, showing men are far less likely to dress up for the film

Want to see more Amazon data relating to Barbie, or interested in eCommerce AI? Contact Noogata to learn more today!

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