How Amazon Sellers Should Prepare for Amazon Cyber Monday

By Daniel Peled on November 20, 2023
How Amazon Sellers Should Prepare for Amazon Cyber Monday

Everyone loves a bargain, so it’s no surprise that shoppers rush to scoop up the deals and promotions on Amazon Cyber Monday. Every year, the deals get bigger, bolder, and more irresistible to buyers—and Amazon sellers can reap the rewards when sales and customers come streaming in.

During Cyber Monday 2021 and 2022, Amazon sellers generated over $9 billion and $11.3 billion, respectively, showing a 5.8% year-on-year increase. As this holiday shopping kickoff event continues to overtake the bricks-and-mortar world, marketplace sellers have their eye on a bigger slice of the pie. 

If you want a share of the Cyber Monday sales in 2023, you must prepare—and here’s how to do it.

When is Amazon Cyber Monday?

Set your alarms—Amazon Cyber Monday takes place on November 27, 2023. It follows Black Friday on November 24.

During this time, Amazon sellers launch thousands of discounts and deals across a range of categories, from fashion to electronics and toys. Over the years, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have evolved to where deals often run for a month. As such, it’s common to see fellow sellers launching their Cyber Monday deals up to a week before.

Are you eligible for Amazon Cyber Monday?

If you tick these eligibility boxes, you can go full steam ahead with your Cyber Monday prep:

  • Professional sellers with a minimum of 3.5-star rating.
  • Products with a minimum rating of 3.5 stars or no rating.
  • Product with many variations.
  • Items are eligible for Prime shipping in all regions.
  • Restricted or offensive items are not eligible.
  • Products are in new condition only.
  • Items comply with Amazon’s product reviews, pricing, and deals policies.

Cyber Monday Deal Data

Why Your Amazon Storefront Needs to Be Ready for Amazon Cyber Monday

Your brand store is your holiday shopping showcase on Cyber Monday–here’s why you need it to be ready:

More Sales

Cyber Monday is the Amazon shopping event of the year for global consumers, providing the perfect opportunity for sellers to launch promotions, upsell, and cross-sell strategies to boost your bottom line.

More Customers

57% of customers say they plan to shop for the holidays over this period, and 53% feel compelled to purchase when they receive a deal. It’s the ideal time to attract and entice new customers as well as loyal ones.

More Profits

At the time, the 2020 Cyber Monday event was the biggest online shopping day in U.S. history, with customers dishing out over $10.8 billion. Each year, the profits for Amazon sellers continue to increase.

10 Ways for Sellers to Prepare for Amazon Cyber Monday

There’s still time to get ready for Cyber Monday on November 27 with by following these seller tips:

1. Optimize Your Listings

Competition is fierce on Cyber Monday, and listing optimization is a great way to make your products stand out. But how can you quickly optimize all your listings with the latest competitive intelligence, trendiest keywords, and ideal content?

Noogata allows you to do all that and more. Our AI-powered eCommerce solution ensures you capitalize on the best keywords for your products and take advantage of every trend. It compares your product content against leading competitors and adds or removes keywords in real-time to give you the edge on Cyber Monday, while assuring you that your listing content is perfectly optimized to get more sales.

2. PPC Optimization 

Cyber Monday is the time for Amazon PPC campaigns to shine. Try these tips to maximize every penny spent:

  • Keep running ads: Run ads constantly before, during, and after Cyber Monday – customers don’t just shop on the day. 
  • Leverage advanced analytics: Use AI-driven analytics and competitive intelligence platforms like Noogata to identify marketing trends, consumer behaviors, and the competitive landscape. 
  • Ad group refinement: Create distinct ad groups based on buyer intent data so you can offer personalized messaging and tailor bidding strategies. 
  • Placement optimization: Use Amazon’s placement report to determine which locations generate the most conversions. The options include top of search results, within search results, on product pages, and other unique spots.


3. Review Inventory Management

Make sure you have enough stock to meet high sales volumes. Although you should start this process around eight weeks before (Amazon recommends getting prepared by October 26), there’s still time to communicate with your partners. By carefully planning your inventory requirements based on sales forecasts and demand, you can ensure you have enough stock to fulfill orders without overstocking and wasting money.

4. Check Fulfillment (FBA) Criteria

Inventory management affects your FBA responsibilities, too. FBA capacity limits (like inventory limits or ASIN-level restrictions) determine how much inventory you can send to Amazon’s warehouses. If your FBA capacity limits are too tight, you’ll need to contact third-party inventory and logistics companies. 

When you’ve determined your FBA inventory, you need to ship all stock to Amazon’s fulfillment centers. Find out your FBA capacity limits here:

Log in to your Seller Central account > Go to ‘Inventory’> Go to ‘FBA Dashboard’ 

5. Adjust Your Pricing

It’s essential that your products are priced competitively, and it can be challenging to keep track of competitor price fluctuations ahead of Cyber Monday. Noogata’s Amazon competitive intelligence analytics helps you identify the top-selling products in your industry, niche, and portfolio, and then benchmark your pricing against competitors to outperform them. 

6. Mobile Optimization

76% of online shoppers have the Amazon app, and 45% exclusively use it to make purchases. When customers scroll, make sure your products catch their eye by optimizing your images. Add high-quality visual effects, video content, and infographics, such as a sizing chart or comparison graph, to show your product’s key benefits. Take advantage of the Amazon Store Builder mobile-first update to switch between device views to optimize your new assets for each device.

7. Leverage Social Media and Email

Now’s the time to target tentative customers who show interest in your brand via intent data but have yet to purchase. Don’t underestimate the power of effective and consistent social media and email marketing using these simple strategies:

  • Include platforms like TikTok and Facebook in your marketing funnel. 
  • Use social media ad campaigns and email marketing to drive traffic to Amazon product listings. 
  • Create measurable and ambitious KPIs to ensure you achieve the brand reach and conversions you need. 
Digital marketing strategies

8. Plan Your Promotions, Coupons, Discounts

Check out what irresistible deals your competitors offer this year to keep up with trends. On Cyber Monday, it’s pretty essential to provide some kind of bargain or promotion, such as:

  • Lightning Deals: A four-hour flash sale advertised on Amazon’s deal page. 
  • Prime Exclusive Discount: A coupon offering a percentage discount for Prime members.

To create and schedule promotions in advance in your Seller Central account:

Log in to Seller Central > Go to ‘Advertising’> Go to ‘Deals’> Select ‘Create a new deal’

9. Offer Free Returns

49% of retailers offer free returns, and 67% of buyers check the returns page before purchasing. If free shipping and returns aren’t part of your everyday playbook, consider offering these perks as a special deal on Cyber Monday. You can give customers an extra push to click ‘purchase’ if they know they won’t lose out. Remember that Amazon FBA handles delivery and returns for you.

10. Sharpen Up Your Customer Service

Customer service support is another perk of Amazon FBA. An influx of customers means more questions, queries, and complaints. Expand and prepare your customer service team so they can offer prompt, polite, and helpful communications. Excellent customer service can make the difference between a one-star and a five-star review on Amazon. 

Speaking of reviews, set up an automated email asking buyers to post one. The more great reviews you have, the better your chance of making a sale.

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Outperform the Competition on Cyber Monday with Noogata

The most crucial tip when preparing for Cyber Monday is never to take your eye off the ball. There’s a lot to do in the run-up and on the day itself, so let an AI Amazon Assistant like Noogata take the pressure off.

Noogata’s AI simplifies Amazon growth by monitoring data like competitors’ changes, product pricing, and keyword recommendations, then delivers insights to you in a streamlined feed. It even has features to create perfect listing content and boost the success of your Amazon PPC campaigns.

To discover new opportunities and deep analytics that will grow your Amazon business and help you outperform the competition on Cyber Monday, try a free demo of Noogata today.

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