Beyond Marketing Attribution: Using Artificial Intelligence to Drive ROI

Modern marketing departments have much richer data with which to target their audience and gauge the success of their methods. But doing so effectively requires a scientific approach – experimenting with different tactics and techniques, measuring the effect of each, and continuously optimizing budget allocations for maximum impact. This eBook runs through the key steps […]

Boosting eCommerce with Noogata

A leading consumer goods company and digital native brand sought new cutting edge technology to drive product sales, so they began working with Noogata in 2021. The Customer wanted to address four core challenges. Download our ebook to see how one company leveraged no-code AI to: Size the sales potential for each of their products […]

Supercharging Intelligence with AI

The era of Enterprise AI Artificial intelligence is perfectly suited to power digital transformation efforts – helping data analysts to drive novel insights, more accurate predictions, and scalable analysis of enterprise data. Yet until now, most organizations have struggled to scale adoption and deliver true ROI from AI implementations. That is all set to change. […]

Future of the Consumer Goods Industry

How AI Captures eCommerce Opportunities We’ve developed the six steps to help you master the digital background and embrace the future of the consumer goods industry. To help you leverage AI to generate e-commerce opportunities that produce real results, we have outlined the steps in detail… 1. Understanding your customer’s perspective 2. How to size […]