Team Member Spotlight: Dina Lyon, Head of Marketing & Communications

By Assaf Egozi on March 01, 2022

We are thrilled to announce that Dina Lyon has joined the Noogata team as Head of Marketing and Communications. Dina brings 10+ years experience working in tech startups on brand building, content marketing, and lead generation. Most recently, Dina led the Marketing and Communications function at the data analytics company Earnest Research, taking them through two funding rounds and seeing the company triple in size.

Dina lives in Brooklyn, NY with her husband, her 18 month old daughter, and her french bulldog.

Why did you join Noogata?

From my first conversation with the Noogata team, I was drawn to the company’s vision of making complex data processes accessible to anyone in an organization. As a marketing professional, I was also very excited to work with a CRO who was a former CMO. Having an executive team that has a marketing mindset from the start is crucial in building out the right company messaging and successfully launching our product marketing strategy. (Read more about Noogata’s CRO, Fleur Sohtz, here.)

What are you looking forward to in your new role at Noogata?

I’m excited to tell the story of how Noogata’s products help businesses make better decisions. Many of us encounter AI solutions daily, whether we’re submitting an electronic payment or getting help from a chatbot, yet many marketers are intimidated with using AI solutions in their daily lives. I’m excited to help professionals like myself see how easy it is to implement machine learning tools and glean real value from data quickly and effectively.

How relevant is data for today’s marketer? What advice would you give to your peers?

Marketing strategies are only as effective as the data that powers them. Many organizations are now realizing how critical data is to making everyday decisions, from creating a target audience that will most benefit from your products to analyzing how customers engage with your content to create more relevant offerings. My advice to any marketing team is to continually integrate data into your decision making process and to make sure that your teammates understand the importance of internal data integrity.

If you weren’t in Marketing, what would you be doing today?

I love to cook and to gather people together to try different recipes. I’m also personally passionate about supporting local food systems and used to work with local farmers in upstate New York. If I weren’t working in marketing, I’d be working to help connect communities with local food producers in some way.

Assaf Egozi
CEO and Co-Founder
Assaf Egozi, CEO and Co-Founder of Noogata, is passionate about the potential for AI to radically improve business results and has dedicated much of his career to forging a relationship between deep data intelligence and business growth. He has a deep understanding of business strategy and operations honed over 10 years at McKinsey and Company. Assaf has an MBA with high distinction from Harvard Business School and a BSc. in Economics and Computer Science from Tel Aviv University, where he graduated magna cum laude.

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