Top 10 Digital Shelf Analytics Software

By Eyal Katz on February 27, 2023
Top 10 Digital Shelf Analytics Software

What would happen if a physical retail store let its shelves fall into chaos? Imagine inconsistent pricing, products out of stock, and hard-to-navigate displays. Customers would undoubtedly take one look around, turn on their heels, and run out of there. 

The same thing happens with online shopping experiences—you’ll quickly lose customers if you fail to take control of your digital shelf. A digital shelf defines where and how customers interact with your products online, including digital touchpoints and experiences like search engines, reseller websites, product pages, and more. 

The digital shelf market is expected to grow 40% by 2030, and eCommerce retail purchases will rise from 14% to 22% this year. Thanks to increased eCommerce adoption, CPGs are turning to digital shelf analytics software and tracking tools to understand better where their products appear on the digital shelf and how they can maximize conversions. 

Above all, digital shelf analytics (DSA) software provides brands with the insights and visibility they need to win the consumer online shopping journey. DSA is quickly becoming a critical technology for CPGs determined to win market share. 

This post will look at DSA technology, its benefits, what you need to know about DSA software and the top solutions we recommend.

What is digital shelf analytics software?

Digital shelf analytics software tracks and measures the performance of your products across multiple channels, including your website and retailer platforms. It monitors metrics like your performance against competitors, pricing fluctuations, and search engine ranking. 

eCommerce is like the wild west, and it’s challenging to keep track of how your business is doing. After all, the average cart abandonment rate across all industries is a whopping 70%. Companies that truly understand the “why” behind statistics like these are the ones maximizing analytics. 

DSA software aims to help eCommerce brands and CPGs win the digital shelf by analyzing trends, sales, and customer behavior. You can use these insights to improve your online presence with quickly discoverable products, boosting conversion rates and sales.  

What is DSA

What are the benefits of digital shelf analytics software?

  • Single Source of Truth – Use DSA software to make strategic decisions and quick actions based on daily, up-to-date data collection.
  • Understand Everything – Many factors affect your digital shelf performance, including product content, pricing, and customer feedback. DSA software gives you visibility over all factors affecting your sales.
  • Pricing Management – Although pricing is tricky to get right, DSA software monitors price fluctuations and competitor pricing to help you maintain a dynamic pricing strategy.
  • Product Performance & Sales Breakdowns – DSA software helps you identify underperforming vs. overperforming items, sales for each product, customer demographics, and more.
  • SEO Optimization & Ranking – Thanks to DSA insights, you can follow SEO best practices to make your products easily discoverable on search engines.
  • Competitor Benchmarking – With DSA software, you can keep one eye on your competitors‘ strategies, market share, and category performance; and another on how you weigh against them. 

What You Need to Know About Digital Shelf Analytics Software

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and eCommerce success isn’t either. For this reason, it’s best to choose a digital shelf analytics vendor that’s in it for the long haul and can help you build long-term strategies that align with your future growth and business goals. 

With this in mind, it’s a good idea to opt for a scalable DSA software vendor that can handle increasing data volumes, gathers insights from multichannel environments, and integrates with other eCommerce software. 

Types of DSA

Most digital shelf analytics software will offer features such as pricing comparisons, product ranking insights, and customer reviews, but you should always check the vendor’s offerings. Some are product compliance experts, and others specialize in market intelligence or pricing comparisons. The right solution for you will be the one that best fits your present and future business needs. 

With that in mind, here are the top ten digital shelf analytics software solutions available today.

Top 10 Digital Shelf Analytics Software

1. DataWeave


Main Features

DataWeave is focused on providing analytics to help you grow sales. You can use the “Share of Search” feature to understand your share of the digital shelf market and benchmark your performance against competitors. 

Best For: Understanding your market share. 

Price: By inquiry. 

Review: “DataWeave has a great team and product, so I’m happy to put my weight behind it.”

2. Noogata


Main Features

Are you looking for an all-in-one eCommerce analytics solution? Noogata helps scale your analytics capabilities across your portfolio of brands, channels, and products easily. Its pre-built AI models help you get set up in minutes without coding, and our solution integrates seamlessly with your existing data warehouse and BI and reporting tools. Featuring digital shelf analysis designed to put you ahead of the competition, Noogata is a great addition to your tech stack.

Best For: Integrating data from multiple sources, such as your eCommerce marketplace, DTC channels, and advertising campaigns. 

Price: By inquiry. Request a demo first to test drive Noogata. 

Review: “Noogata is perfectly positioned to address the significant market need for a best-in-class, no-code data analytics platform to drive decision-making.”

3. EDGE by Ascential 


Main Features

EDGE helps you take a future-focused approach to your digital shelf analytics strategy. It enables you to monitor search and content performance to get an in-depth understanding of your online presence in the eyes of your customers. 

Best For: Monitoring and understanding your keyword performance. 

Pricing: By inquiry. 

Review: “A leading toys manufacturer struggled to understand why some products performed better than others…they discovered a strong correlation between reviews and performance, and built a strategy to increase user-generated content.”

4. Salsify


Main Features

Salsify’s product management software is a central hub for all your product content so that you can identify content gaps compared to your competitors. It provides data and insights you can use when producing new content. 

Best For: Helping you produce consistent and accurate product content. 

Pricing: By inquiry after you request a free demo. 

Review: “We are now using Salsify to manage our large database of products and information from each different product we offer and make this library of data available to employees, distributors, and resellers.”

5. InRiver Evaluate


Main Features

Similarly to Salsify’s offering, InRiver Evaluate is best used as a product management solution that provides actionable guidance on what influences your customers’ buying decisions so that you can adapt your product content strategy accordingly. 

Best For: Optimizing your product content for search.

Pricing: By inquiry. Be sure to request a hands-on demo first. 

Review: “While not the most intuitive UI, once it is familiar, it is useful, and the capabilities of this…tool service average…needs for a midsize organization.”

6. PriceSpider BrandMonitor


Main Features

Need better visibility over your buyer’s journey? PriceSpider will make your marketing teams happy. It provides you with crucial insights to help you drive conversions and take action based on your customers’ behavior. 

Best For: Gaining visibility over your customers’ path to purchase. 

Pricing: By inquiry.

Review: “PriceSpider sets the bar by providing customers with user-friendly where to buy solutions. The front-end is easy to navigate and helps to turn our website into a digital salesperson.”

7. Profitero


Main Features

From SEO insights to traffic levels, Profitero is a comprehensive solution to help you measure your online growth and presence. Its new Boost feature enables you to prioritize your strategies by recommending whether price, content, or media will significantly impact your rankings. 

Best For: Enhancing discoverability and search optimization.

Pricing: By inquiry. There’s a free demo available, too. 

Review: “Profitero helps us learn about various metrics related to our online presence on Amazon and Walmart of our brand and competitor brands.”

8. ChannelAdvisor 


Main Features

ChannelAdvisor’s venerable solution helps analyze your performance across a multichannel digital environment. It offers granular insights, including which brands are initiating pricing movements and where you can maximize opportunities for product content optimization.

Best For: Analyzing pricing movements. 

Pricing: By inquiry. 

Review: “ChannelAdvisor is constantly adding new channels to sell on and is innovative in finding new ways to improve their platform. Their platform is very flexible to meet a variety of needs.”

9. e.fundamentals


Main Features

e.fundamentals offers insights, including content compliance, benchmark search visibility, customer reviews, and more for your digital shelf environment. At a granular level, e.fundamentals helps you identify immediate actions to improve performance. 

Best For: Dedicated customer support to help you get the most out of the software. 

Pricing: By inquiry. 

 Review: “e.fundamentals do exactly what ​they say they will.​ This is why we have chosen to partner with them for 2021 and beyond.”

10. Syndigo


Main Features

Syndigo is focused on turning your product, customer, and retailer data into a usable flow of information. As it serves both brands and customers, Syndigo offers an end-to-end solution with omnichannel capabilities. 

Best For: Built-in data governance.

Pricing: By inquiry. You can take a product tour first. 

Review: “Syndigo is great for building enhanced content for our retail partners. It is easy to use and fast to publish onsite.”

Create an Unbeatable Digital Shelf with Noogata

There’s one thing in common between winning eCommerce businesses—they prioritize digital shelf analytics by using the kinds of tools discussed in this blog. As more and more customers choose digital experiences over retail, your business will only face more competition. By making DSA an essential part of your business strategy and budget, you can stand tall against your competitors, enhance your products’ visibility, and win the digital shelf battle. 

If you already run a growing multichannel operation but lack insights into your product performance, try Noogata. Our solution helps you overcome crucial eCommerce challenges like data aggregation, lack of granularity, and poor understanding of customer behavior. Noogata maps your product landscape by harmonizing data from all platforms to supercharge your digital shelf intelligence. 

Request a demo today.  

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