Focus Camera Optimizes with Noogata for High Return, Low Spend eCommerce Growth

Undoubtedly, online retail is a critical component for consumer goods companies to expand their footprint.The pandemic may have catalyzed the eCommerce boom, but that growth is not slowing down anytime soon: eCommerce increased a whopping 40% over the course of 2021. Furthermore, analysts project the sector will jump another 16% YOY to hit the 1 trillion mark in 2022—a milestone that, pre-pandemic, they had only expected in 2024.

Digital selling presents a very different set of challenges than traditional retail, however, and savvy brands and retailers must master the art of data analytics to make the opportunity theirs. That’s why Focus Camera, a 5-star seller of cameras and electronics on Amazon, built data analytics capabilities into their DNA.

Pulling ahead of the pack

eCommerce marketplaces, and Amazon in particular, play a pivotal role in Focus Camera’s digital sales strategy. They are not alone: with its large trove of behavioral and purchase data, and huge volume of customer traffic, Amazon attracted over 354,000 new sellers in 2021 alone.

In addition to keeping a pulse on the beat on advertising strategies and ensuring an optimal level of inventory, sellers must also continuously test and iterate on their product terms and descriptions. To finish first in this increasingly competitive environment, sellers not only need to ruthlessly optimize, but they must also understand what’s working for their competitors as well. For many sellers, this is easier said than done. Few have the bandwidth to sift through Amazon’s vast and complex customer data, so most pick what they see as the ‘good enough’ choice: they ‘auto-optimize’ with Amazon.

But Chassy Kirzner, Amazon Manager at Focus Camera, refused to take this ‘set it and forget it’ approach. To grow in a tightening market, Chassy knew she needed to run agile campaigns with real-time control, precision and immediacy—and she understood Noogata’s AI-driven data platform could help her reach this goal. In fact, Noogata allowed Chassy and her team to rapidly move from a lack of accessible data to a fully-fledged data infrastructure—one set up to deliver the exact performance insights they needed.

Here’s how Noogata powered their growth:

1. Content That Drives Sales

Chassy noted that in the past, in order to ensure they targeted the right search terms, her team had had to outsource their content creation for product descriptions. This led to suboptimal performance and a lag in their ability to react fast as markets changed. Now, the team does this in-house with Noogata—giving them full control over the process and ensuring maximum exposure for their products. “We get much better SEO on Amazon with Noogata than we ever did when we outsourced,” she explained. “Not to mention, creating content in-house is much cheaper!”

2. High Performing Advertising Campaigns

Working with Noogata has changed Focus Camera’s approach to marketplace advertising, and really bumped up ROI.  “In the past, we tended to choose ‘automatic’ search term targeting and let Amazon pick our campaigns for us,” Chassy explained. “Either that, or we relied on an agency to decide. Now we can easily mine the perfect search terms using the Noogata platform, which gives us the opportunity to really test and fine tune. Our ability to create such granular insights has dramatically increased our ROI—in fact, we’ve seen over a 30% uplift. And without Noogata, it would be way too time intensive to do this type of targeting.” Chassy also noted that with Noogata, Focus Camera gets not only all the keywords that work for private labels, but also everything that works for their competitors. “This way, we can start out and get the low-hanging fruit that works for everyone, and after can add on the keywords that work best specifically for our products.” Chassy has incorporated this keyword mining into her overall agile approach, repeating and fine-tuning as she goes.

3. Hands-on Customer Success

Chassy described Noogata’s onboarding and training as above-and-beyond anything her team had ever experienced. “Most of the platforms we tried let you float, and just figure stuff out on your own,” she explained. But the greatest tool in the world has no value, if no one knows how to use it. “With Noogata, every single member of every team got exactly the training that he or she needed. And we keep on getting that training. The company is extremely responsive whenever we have a question or a need.”


Part of Noogata’s robust suite of offerings includes the ability to optimize and enhance content and search terms to drive sales and curb spending.  “We get super strong results,” Chassy commented. “And, we are seeing them happen live. In just the past two weeks, in just one campaign, we did 20K in sales with just a $700 spend. That is a 3.95% ACOS—which is remarkably high, considering the industry averages around 30%.”

“Overall, working with Noogata has helped us optimize for the strongest marketplace presence and performance possible, with the smallest amount of investment. The product is easy to use, well-supported, and not only helps us put our best foot forward with today’s products, but gives us a chance to test what we are considering for tomorrow. Noogata is a wonderful product that pays for itself many times over. It is definitely worth investing in.”