Amazon BSR Chart for 2024 Explained

By Daniel Peled on January 25, 2024
Amazon BSR Chart for 2024 Explained

There are thousands of product subcategories on Amazon, and every one has best-selling products at the top. Amazon makes it easy to tell which products are winning their categories—the Best Sellers Rank is listed on every product page, providing valuable information for buyers and sellers alike.

With 61% of online shoppers reporting it’s their first destination, Amazon is the best marketplace for sellers to list their products. Consumers trust Amazon because of its concise information about what items are selling well and how buyers rate them. The Best Sellers Rank tells you at a glance how popular an item is within a given category.

A high ranking gives a listing increased visibility and assures customers they’re getting a quality product, which can further boost sales. Rankings can also clue sellers into market trends driven by organic consumer interest, giving you valuable insights into what to stock and how to advertise it. 

Here’s what you need to know about the Amazon Best Sellers Rank Chart in 2024.

Amazon Best Sellers Rank (BSR) Explained

The Amazon Best Sellers Rank (BSR) is a number that shows which products are racking up the most sales within the categories and subcategories they appear in. Lower scores indicate higher sales—the top product in its category will have a BSR of 1. A product can have a different score for each of its categories.

BSR is recalculated frequently based on the latest sales data. You can find a product’s BSR on its listing page under “Product Details.” BSR is an essential indicator for sellers, showing you which products are most popular with shoppers and revealing how well they’re selling compared to their competitors. 


How is Amazon BSR calculated, and how does it work?

A combination of both current and historical sales data determines Amazon BSR. Amazon being Amazon, there’s also a mystery ingredient: an algorithm that predicts future sales based on various factors. This makes it possible for new products to leapfrog ahead of products that have been selling for years. Recent price changes, promotions, and sales of competing products are a few hidden influences on a product’s BSR.

Many sellers want to know what counts as a “good” BSR. It all depends on the size of the category. You’re doing great in a massive category like Beauty and Personal Care if you crack the top 10,000. In a smaller, niche subcategory, you might be aiming for the top 50. A general guideline is that a product is performing well if it’s in the top 5% of a category.

Keep in mind that BSR is different from your organic ranking, which refers to your position within Amazon’s search results for keywords related to your product.

What are the benefits of a high Amazon BSR?

Having a good BSR isn’t just about bragging rights. There are direct benefits that come from occupying a high spot in the rankings:

  • Building Trust – Social proof carries significant weight in e-commerce, and a high ranking tells customers that the product is high-quality, reliable, and a good value.
  • Generating Brand Awareness – Top-ranked products have more visibility and are more likely to catch the eye of shoppers comparing similar items.
  • Increasing Sales – A high BSR results from already having strong sales, but it feeds into a positive feedback loop that could raise your sales even higher. Smart sellers can leverage the added trust and visibility of a high BSR for more conversions and sales revenue.


What is the Amazon BSR Chart for 2024?

In the past, Amazon BSR charts were a widely-used tool for analyzing sales trends and making product sourcing decisions. Third-party providers would aggregate the data and publish charts showing the top products in each category, along with pricing and seller information. However, Amazon stopped making the necessary data public a few years ago, and sales charts haven’t been as accurate—or valuable—since.

If you want a quick overview, you can find the top 100 products for any given category by going to that category’s Amazon page and clicking the “Best Sellers” link on the navigation bar.

Amazon BSR Chart 2024: Pros and Cons

Are BSR charts still worth obtaining? There are some pros and cons to using them:


  • Shows the total number of products in the category
  • Gives ideas for new selling opportunities
  • Breaks down how many competitor products you need to outsell to reach top BSR percentiles


  • Doesn’t show sales velocity
  • Includes unsold items in the total product count
  • No longer entirely accurate due to Amazon withholding data

A better solution is to use an AI-powered analytics platform like Noogata to provide the research, intelligence, and strategic recommendations you need to find products with high sales potential and win the most coveted placements on Amazon’s digital shelf. Even if you are still using BSR charts, Noogata can enhance your decision-making process by offering actionable insights based on real-time data.

How to Climb the Amazon BSR Chart in 2024 with Noogata

Are you ready for your products to climb the best seller rankings and take a shot at the top spots? Here are five tips that can help you improve your chart position:

1. Optimize Your Product Listings

Fine-tune your product titles and descriptions to enhance your listing’s discoverability, and look for ways to improve the content of the listing itself. The best listings have high-quality images, video clips, easy-to-read lists of key features, and detailed written copy. Not sure where to start? Noogata’s AI Amazon Assistant can give you suggestions for perfecting your listing content for maximum conversion potential.

2. Target Better Keywords

More robust ad campaigns mean more sales and a higher BSR. Noogata can help you find relevant keywords to increase your organic search ranking, including underutilized ones that won’t get you into a bidding war with every other seller on the block. By laser-focusing on the best keywords for your brand and carefully monitoring their performance, you can get the best possible returns on your ad spend and see the results reflected in your BSR.

Noogata Insight Feed

3. Promote Your Products

Promo codes, contests, and lightning deals are great ways to boost short-term sales, and if you have an excellent social media marketing strategy, word of your promotions can spread quickly. It’s also advantageous to make your products available through Amazon Prime, which will provide a lasting bump to your customer appeal.

4. Encourage Buyers to Leave Reviews

While you can’t directly compensate customers for writing good product reviews, you can certainly ask them to do so. Excellent product quality and responsive customer service are the best ways to motivate positive reviews, which go a long way toward establishing credibility and trust with undecided buyers. Don’t be afraid to reach out to satisfied customers through email or social media to ask them to write one up.

5. Beat Your Competitors’ Prices

As much as promotions, visibility, and positive reviews can influence purchasing decisions, the price tag often gets the final word. Offering a better deal than your competitors is one of the most effective ways to win a sale, but prices on Amazon are in constant flux. Competitive intelligence from Noogata can tell you exactly where things stand, allowing you to make tactical pricing decisions that preserve your profit margins. 

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Noogata Helps You Reach the Top of the Charts

In a crowded and fast-moving marketplace like Amazon, ascending the BSR chart is proof positive that you’re doing something right. Placement in the top percentiles can help your sales numbers rise even higher, putting you in the position to increase profits and win the Buy Box.

Noogata’s AI-powered Amazon Assistant and analytics tools can give you the competitive advantage to climb up the ranks in 2024 and beyond. With actionable insights accessible to everyone on your eCommerce team, you’ll outperform the competition as you aim for the top.

Register for a free demo to try out powerful features that can help you win the digital shelf and keep your Amazon business growing.

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