8 Top Amazon Sales Analytics Tools for 2024

By Jaron Seijffers on October 25, 2023
8 Top Amazon Sales Analytics Tools for 2024

Amazon has become one of the most accessible and lucrative entry points for independent merchants wanting to enter the eCommerce game. It’s never been easier to join the Amazon Marketplace as a third-party seller and pitch your products to millions of potential customers.

More than 60% of Amazon’s sales come from independent sellers, with each seller averaging over $230,000 in annual sales. But with more than 3,700 new sellers joining Amazon daily, the competition keeps getting fiercer. To become one of Amazon’s third-party success stories, you need to be smarter than the average seller. You need to know your customers, your competition, and the Amazon market inside and out.

Fortunately, great tools are out there to help you on this quest for knowledge. The right software can gather relevant data, analyze it, and give you critical insights into every aspect of your Amazon store’s performance. We’ve prepared a list of the most useful, accurate, and cutting-edge Amazon sales analytics tools for the year ahead.

What are Amazon Sales Analytics Tools?

Amazon sales analytics tools are software solutions that monitor and track Amazon data, and then analyze it to provide actionable findings. These include evaluations of the performance of your advertisements, product listings, and sales, along with insights that tell you what actions you can take to optimize your marketing strategy and your key metrics.

Types of Amazon Sales Analytics Tools

There are a few different areas of focus that analytics tools can have. Many of them include several, and all-in-one solutions are increasingly common:

  • Keyword Tracking – Finds high-performing or underutilized keywords.
  • Market Tracking – Identifies emerging purchasing trends.
  • Competitive Intelligence – Analyzes publicly available data to tell you about your competitors’ actions.
  • Product Listing Optimization – Helps you create product listings that generate more conversions.
  • Performance Monitoring – Reports on your key p
  • erformance metrics to track your growth, profitability, and other business goals.

Sales Analytics

Benefits of Amazon Sales Analytics Tools

Sales analytics tools can optimize every aspect of your business strategy, from ad targeting to inventory management, and will help you find overlooked opportunities and identify potential problems before they impact your revenue. 

Without sophisticated analytics tools, you’re stuck using guesswork or tedious manual number-crunching to determine whether your Amazon sales strategy is paying off. The right tools will give you reliable, data-based facts to help you see your true ROI and make smarter decisions. Sellers who take advantage of data analytics will always be able to outmaneuver competitors who don’t.

Key Features of Amazon Sales Analytics Tools

When deciding on an analytics tool, ensure it integrates with the Amazon marketplace and, ideally, with any third-party solutions vital to your sales tactics. If you are also selling on other marketplaces, choose a tool that provides sales analytics for that marketplace, too. Most high-quality tools will include a dashboard feature to easily view key metrics and offer mobile capability for on-the-go monitoring.

At this stage in the game, artificial intelligence is necessary for any serious Amazon sales analytics tool. Old-school algorithms just aren’t agile or flexible enough to keep up with the fast pace of change in today’s constantly-evolving eCommerce landscape.

8 Top Amazon Sales Analytics Tools for 2024

1. Noogata


Noogata helps Amazon sellers grow their businesses with AI-driven insights and strategic recommendations. Noogata’s AI assistant analyzes Amazon’s data to find the most high-potential keywords and market trends, and most importantly, it monitors your competition to help you determine what actions you can take to strengthen your market share and win the top positions on Amazon’s digital shelf. 

Best for: Leveraging the power of competitive intelligence. Noogata will show you what similar sellers are succeeding (or struggling) with, giving you the insights you need to stay ahead of the curve.

Price: By inquiry

Review: “On Amazon, it is very hard to see how your competitors are doing as far as ads and keywords, pricing and sales. With Noogata, all that information is right there available to you.”

2. Amazon Brand Analytics

Amazon Brand Analytics

Amazon Brand Analytics is the dashboard of metrics and reports that Amazon includes as an add-on for sellers who have registered their brands. It provides information about search keywords, customer demographics, product comparisons, purchasing behavior, and more. 

Best for: Any Amazon seller can benefit from using this feature to supplement more purpose-specific third-party tools.

Price: Free

Review: “Brand Analytics is free to Amazon sellers with registered brands.”

3. DataHawk


DataHawk is an expansive platform that can crunch data from Amazon and other online marketplaces like Walmart. It offers customizable dashboards and reporting tools, a variety of tracking features, and an AI-powered recommendation engine.

Best for: Sellers who aren’t exclusive to Amazon and need a feature-rich platform that works with other marketplaces.

Price: By inquiry

Review: “The platform is a little expensive and has some room to grow and expand its capabilities, but overall it’s been a really neat tool for us so far.”

4. Perpetua


Another solution that works with more marketplaces than just Amazon, Perpetua helps sellers create goal-focused ad campaigns designed to supercharge your sales growth. Perpetua comes with excellent mobile-friendly tools for audience targeting, analytics, and reporting.

Best for: Sellers with a strong sense of their strategic objectives. Perpetua will build custom campaigns around them.

Price: $250 to $550 per month, with custom pricing if your ad spend is over $200,000 per month.

Review: “Perpetua has greatly reduced the time required to manage our ads. In addition, the cost-effectiveness has been steadily improving.”

5. Sellozo


Sellozo’s solution uses AI to optimize your Amazon PPC advertising campaigns. It automates discovering and bidding on keywords and includes a drag-and-drop campaign design feature. You can also opt-in to their personalized PPC management services.

Best for: Making the most of your PPC ad spend. Sellozo does a good job of boosting your conversions while keeping your budget under control.

Price: By inquiry

Review: “Sellozo is very transparent about how they operate and their reporting tool is very comprehensive.”

6. AMZScout


AMZScout is a powerful research tool to find products with minimal competition and high growth potential. It provides actionable insights into keywords and sales trends, tracks competitor inventory, and features a browser extension that can instantly display a deep data dive on any Amazon product listing.

Best for: Identifying market niches and other untapped opportunities.

Price: $49 monthly and up, depending on the subscription type. There are discounts for yearly and lifetime plans.

Review: “Each tool is intuitive and quick to use, even if you’re not completely computer literate.”

7. Helium 10

Helium 10

This highly regarded solution gives you more than thirty tools for researching products, tracking keywords, and optimizing your product listings. Helium 10 works with both Amazon and Walmart, and you can utilize its data-driven insights and automation features to create highly effective and streamlined PPC ad campaigns.

Best for: Anyone who wants a field-tested solution that includes an extensive stack of tools.

Price: $39 to $279 monthly, with discounts for yearly plans.

Review: “They are constantly updating the software and adding new features without increasing the price.”

8. Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is an Amazon-specific platform designed to find profitable products, in-demand keywords, and the best ways to optimize your product listings. It’s geared toward existing sellers and sellers preparing to launch their first Amazon store, providing AI-enhanced analytics and expert educational resources to help you succeed.

Best for: New sellers stand to benefit the most from Jungle Scout’s user-friendly toolkit.

Price: $49 to $129 monthly, with discounts for yearly plans.

Review: “I’ve been very pleased with how up-to-date and current they keep their tools and site.”

It Takes Intelligent Tools to Win Amazon’s Digital Shelf

Getting an Amazon store up and running may be easy enough, but keeping track of all the elements needed to win buyers over can be overwhelming if you don’t have the right software tools in your kit. 

Amazon’s built-in resources provide a decent starting point, but purpose-built tools like Noogata offer distinct advantages for Amazon sales analytics that go way beyond their basic reporting, including robust metrics and deep insights you won’t find anywhere else.

Sign up for a free demo to find out how Noogata’s AI-driven solution can put your Amazon store on the fast track to higher sales and profits.

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