Top 10 eCommerce AI Tools in a ChatGPT World

By Eyal Katz on May 17, 2023
Top 10 eCommerce AI Tools in a ChatGPT World

Ready or not, AI is here for eCommerce. Don’t be afraid, because even though we now live in a ChatGPT world, these powerful tools have applications that can significantly boost your eCommerce efforts in many ways.

But to keep winning, you must get on board the AI train. 83% of companies now consider using AI a top priority—and in 2022, eCommerce was the sector with the largest adoption of AI. From automating customer service inquiries to enhancing the purchasing experience, eCommerce AI tools can significantly speed up business processes and increase revenue.

In this post, we’ll break down eCommerce AI tools, why you should be using them, and provide a detailed list of the top ten tools to give your eCommerce store a competitive edge.

What are eCommerce AI tools?

eCommerce AI tools are software that incorporates artificial intelligence and machine learning to enhance and automate various tasks in both the front and back end of eCommerce organizations. Their functions can range from analytics tools to email to video production and beyond. 

The explosion in consumer-level generative AI, heralded by the 2022 release of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, has created an opportunity for eCommerce businesses to growth hack by employing AI-powered software stacks in marketing, sales, and customer service.

AI significantly impacts an eCommerce site’s ability to function when and where the customer wants to engage. Whether using a chatbot to provide human conversation to more online shoppers, automatically updating customer profiles, or getting ads in front of the right set of eyes, eCommerce AI tools are ready to help.

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What You Need to Know About eCommerce AI Tools

Given the speed at which AI tools are developed in our ChatGPT world, you can find one for almost any use you can imagine. In eCommerce, the most popular types of AI tools fall into the following categories:

  • Graphics and images
  • Video production
  • Personalization
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Email
  • Content Marketing/Copywriting
  • Customer Support
  • Digital Assistants
  • Advertising
  • Marketing Automation

When selecting an AI eCommerce tool for your business, be sure to keep the following four points in mind:

Functionality: Does the tool fulfill your needs, or are there any gaps or missing features that would necessitate the usage of a different platform?

Cost: Does the price fit into your budget? Will there be a real return on investment?

Licenses: Are there any limits on the commercial use of the output from AI tools? Can you use content generated from the tool in your business? 

Support: Will someone be on hand to assist you if you need help or troubleshooting?

AI for your eCommerce Business

What are the benefits of eCommerce AI tools?

eCommerce AI tools offer businesses many valuable benefits, including:

  • Always Active – Grow your sales with 24/7 AI that increases your “working hours” and efficiency
  • Increased Customer Retention – AI tools like chatbots, automated email, and marketing campaigns assist in informing clients about the services the company provides. This ongoing exposure keeps your company top-of-mind with customers, luring them back to your website.
  • Save Time and Money – eCommerce AI tools can produce more content, crunch more data, and optimize campaigns faster, cheaper, and at scale than any team of employees.
  • Leverage Big Data – AI-powered eCommerce analytics create more opportunities to grow your business while optimizing your digital shelf, pricing, and product listings.
  • Personalized Experiences – By integrating AI tools, eCommerce businesses can see customers’ preferences in real-time, then monitor their shopping and journey to create personalized experiences that convert.

Top 10 eCommerce AI Tools

1. Salesforce Einstein AI/GPT

SF Einstein GPT

What It Does: Generative AI for Salesforce CRM and Cloud Solutions

Best for: eCommerce businesses that use Salesforce and its ecosystem

Main Features: Hot on the heels of Salesforce’s first AI offering, Einstein Analytics, comes its embrace of large language model technology in the form of Einstein GPT. Billed as “the world’s first generative AI for CRM,” Einstein integrates with the Salesforce CRM to offer accurate and reliable AI-generated content through the fusion of OpenAI’s enterprise-grade ChatGPT technology with Salesforce’s own private Einstein AI models.

Einstein has AI-powered sales, marketing, customer service, data, automation, and eCommerce solutions. In eCommerce, use cases include creating personalized customer experiences, product recommendations, predictive sorting, customer purchasing analytics, search dictionaries, and ChatGPT-augmented functions such as automated marketing and sales copy generation.

Pricing: By inquiry. A free demo is available.

Review: “What used to take 48 hours and some manpower is now five minutes, and I do it myself.”

2. Noogata

Noogata Dashboard

What It Does: AI-powered Competitive Intelligence for eCommerce

Best for: CPGs and digital brands seeking deep insights to outperform Amazon competitors

Main Features: With strategic insights and competitive intelligence, Noogata’s AI eCommerce platform equips CPGs and digital brands with the data to make the right decisions every time. Using a potent AI growth assistant, eCommerce professionals and teams can easily find and extract pertinent insights, take action, and monitor performance growth across the digital shelf. 

The first AI assistant explicitly designed for Amazon offers growth-focused recommendations, competitive alerts, and actionable insights in a single, easy-to-use feed. For eCommerce teams, Noogata provides a single platform where you can organize, strategize, assign tasks, and take action. Key eCommerce analytics features include Digital Shelf optimization, Search Trendspotting, Perfect Content, and a powerful Ad Booster. 

Pricing: On request, with a free trial available.

Review: “There are upwards of 350 millions products sold on Amazon, and each one is vying for a top position. The AI models Noogata provides are critical as we look to optimize our product descriptions, advertising, inventory, and pricing structure.”

3. Chatfuel


What It Does: AI chatbot for websites, social media (Facebook & Instagram), and WhatsApp

Best for: Automated customer service, experience, and marketing—especially for social sellers.

Main Features: Chatfuel offers an AI chatbot service that’s one of the best solutions for social sellers and eCommerce stores. Integrating seamlessly with popular social media services, WhatsApp, and eCommerce stores, the Chatfuel bot can handle all the usual customer service applications, but it does quite a bit more.

It’s easily created using a no-code interface and can improve customer relations and engagement by automatically communicating with customers based on customized triggers related to customer activities in your brand’s stores, wherever they are. Chatfuel also features to generate more revenue, including product recommendations, promo codes, promotions, newsletters, data collection, and segmentation.

Pricing: Chatfuel has a free trial, then five pricing tiers ranging from Entrepreneur ($14.99/mo) to Enterprise (by inquiry).

Review: “It’s the easiest and most intuitive chatbot solution out there. The bot can interact with people coming from many places within IG and FB.”

4. CopyMonkey


What It Does: Amazon listing and product description generator and optimizer

Best for: Amazon sellers with large catalogs

Main Features: If you’re tired of writing and endlessly optimizing Amazon listings, why don’t you let a monkey do it? CopyMonkey is an AI-powered Amazon copywriter that writes and optimizes product listings and descriptions in seconds. Its AI assists you by including all the crucial keywords in your Amazon listing so you can rank organically on page one of search.

The AI algorithm creates descriptions and bullet points with the right keywords, while it simultaneously applies listing optimization best practices, including assessing what’s working for the competition, search frequency rank, click-through rate, and conversion-rate shares. Helpfully, you can import your store’s entire catalog, and it will create listings and product descriptions for all items.

Pricing: Three pricing plans offered: Starter at $24/mo., Pro at $49/mo., and an Enterprise plan with custom pricing.

Review: “I’ve been using this tool for some time and I’m still amazed at the magic this tool makes: I just put the title, download my CVS with keywords, and the whole Amazon Listing is ready!”

5. Neural Love

Neural Love

What It Does: AI Image Generator and Enhancer

Best for: Enhancing product images and videos

Main Features: One of the key selling factors in eCommerce is the quality of product images or videos. Neural Love is a multi-purpose AI tool that allows you to generate, enhance, and resize images. It also enhances video and audio recordings, perfect for polishing your Amazon A+ Content.

Additional features include AI image generation (great for content marketing images!) and even creating your own AI avatar. The free trial lets you try out Neural Love, and the affordable payment plans are useful for a variety of visual content enhancements throughout your product catalog.

Pricing: Use of Neural Love is facilitated either by credits (aka pay-as-you-go, at $57 for 300 credits) or subscription ($30 for 300 credits/month). There’s a free plan with 5 credits to try it out. 

Review:I recently discovered, and I have to say that I’m thoroughly impressed by the quality of the photo restorations on this site. It’s truly amazing how much detail and clarity they are able to bring out in old, faded photographs.”

6. MarketMuse


What It Does: AI-powered content strategy and optimization

Best for: Researching and analyzing entire content inventories at scale

Main Features: MarketMuse is an AI tool designed to act as your content marketing agency. It’s intended for organizations to use in creating optimal long-form content, such as emails, sales copy, landing pages, or articles. 

The AI will do deep topic research, then generate a first draft, KPIs, and a content brief. Users can modify the copy using the built-in editor per the AI’s recommendations. It also will audit and optimize content at scale. Other valuable features include generating content clusters, content planning and strategy, and keyword research.

Pricing: 4 tiers, based on the number of queries per month and additional features: Free, Standard at $149/mo., Team at $399/mo., and Premium with custom pricing.

Review: “Unlike other tools, MarketMuse focuses on topics and clusters, not individual keywords. This approach simplifies content writing and helps me create better content faster.”



What It Does: Automated multi-platform advertising management

Best for: Creating and running optimized ads on multiple channels, including social media and Google

Main Features: One of the world’s biggest SaaS digital advertising platforms, manages almost $5B in ad spending with 700+ brands globally. Using this AI-based ad marketing solution, an eCommerce marketing team can plan, test, and deploy only the best-performing ads to their target demographic.

Businesses can manage all their ad campaigns on a single dashboard thanks to its integrations with numerous popular networks, including Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest, and Instagram. offers modular ad testing across several channels, automation of ad creatives, personalized experiences, and in-depth metrics to track ad performance.

Pricing: Variable fee based on a percentage of media spend

Review: “Smartly is more than just a tool to manage and report on your social media campaigns. They are also a strategic partner to your business or agency. They have all the industry insights on best practices and think with you on how to improve your account structure and performance of campaigns.”

8. Shulex VOC

Shulex VOC

What It Does: Voice of Customer and product research

Best for: Market research

Main Features: Finding out what customers want and think is at the heart of eCommerce success. Shulex VOC offers a suite of AI tools, many of which are built on ChatGPT, to make it fast and simple to do product and market research. It gathers and analyzes Amazon and Google reviews to provide vital insights into shoppers’ minds, providing metrics to show what they liked, didn’t like, or desired changes. 

Features include data-backed sentiment analysis, competitive analysis, customer analytics, product research, voice of customer research, and detailed reports for various popular product categories. A ChatGPT-based chatbot and ChatGPT plug-ins for Amazon and Shopify are also available to eCommerce sellers. 

Pricing: By inquiry, with free sign up.

Review: “Taking time to read consumer reviews is an essential part of daily life. Shulex makes it easier by quickly identifying critical keywords and assessing the sentiment behind them!”

9. Reals by Hour One 

Reals by Hour One

What It Does: AI video generator

Best for: Creating marketing product and explainer videos 

Main Features: Imagine having an entire film production studio, including actors, in the cloud. That’s what Reals by Hour One’s AI video generator offers to eCommerce businesses. Perfect for creating product or explainer videos, Reals boasts a wide variety of templates for almost any use case, making creating professional quality videos easy.

Simply upload a text document for your script (or write one with the GPT-3 Script Wizard), choose a template and a photorealistic virtual presenter from the character library, and press a button to create a video in any language. From there, it’s easy to scale at the touch of a button, quickly changing elements like the presenter, language, or even parts of the script. 

Pricing: A free trial lets you create 3 minutes of video; then three pricing tiers with Lite at $25/member/mo., Business at $199/member/mo., and Enterprise by inquiry.

Review: “With Hour One, I can scale myself and save time and money in a way that enables me to grow my business like never before.”

10. Seventh Sense 

Seventh Sense _ For HubSpot

What It Does: Boosts email marketing engagement and performance

Best for: Organizations that use HubSpot or Marketo for email

Main Features: If the Sixth Sense is seeing dead people, the Seventh Sense is sending an email at the optimal time to ensure delivery and opening. That’s exactly what this add-on AI email booster does. Keeping your eCommerce marketing emails out of the Spam folder is no longer an issue with this powerful tool that integrates with Marketo and HubSpot.

Seventh Sense users see higher levels of engagement and more successful email marketing by using artificial intelligence to optimize and personalize email delivery times for each person in your database. It also includes a dashboard for campaign monitoring, split testing, and a deliverability audit tool.

Pricing: Variable pricing plans, depending on which email software you use it with

Review: “When [Seventh Sense] sends for you, it staggers and drips the emails throughout the day so that you have higher deliverability—especially when you are sending to a lot of contacts in the same company.”

Winning eCommerce with AI Tools

To compete in today’s eCommerce marketplaces—and in our ChatGPT world—AI tools are now the standard. If you don’t get on board now, you’ll be left behind. By using the tools in this top ten list, you’ll be well on your way to winning the eCommerce game.

When it comes to making the right data-driven decisions to grow your eCommerce business, Noogata’s AI-powered competitive intelligence platform sets the bar high for what an eCommerce AI tool can do.

Book a demo today and find out how our solutions for agencies, digital brands, CPGs, and Amazon sellers work to help you outperform the competition.

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