Managing and Growing Amazon Brands At Scale

By Eyal Katz on July 05, 2023
Managing and Growing Amazon Brands At Scale

Amazon’s vast influence, global reach, and unmatched scale with over 300 million active customer accounts, make it a compelling and profitable platform for eCommerce agencies worldwide. Leveraging Amazon’s seller-friendly features can help you expand your digital brand portfolio, but with the marketplace’s immense size comes intense competition. 

To set your agency apart, you must effectively manage and grow your Amazon brands at scale. Doing this right comes with many challenges—and fortunately, innovative solutions powered by automation and AI help you optimize your business at scale and in real-time.

Bigger Doesn’t Always Mean Better

Managing and scaling multiple Amazon brands isn’t a walk in the park. As your portfolio grows, it demands more resources, budget, and continuous improvement to manage. However, without vigilant moderation and monitoring, your eCommerce business might struggle to scale along with competitors on Amazon.

This catch-22 situation often leaves agencies grappling with identifying their best and worst-performing products, maintaining control over advertising budgets, and implementing dynamic pricing strategies aligned with market trends. Consequently, having a bigger portfolio doesn’t guarantee better performance and can even lead to decreased brand visibility and sales.  

Today’s CPGs and digital brands can’t rely on endless analytical dashboards and hunting for insights; there is simply too much data to parse. Scale is the critical issue. For example, on a smaller scale, Amazon sellers might perform an SKU catalog review to pinpoint exactly what products to promote. But this is an enormous task for agencies with large product portfolios, even with the support of Amazon tools like Brand Analytics. 

Maintaining product descriptions and optimizing each item is time-consuming when you constantly add to your brands, and every decision you make affects operations like inventory management behind the scenes. If you fail to promote the right products at the right time, it’s a surefire way to accumulate dead stock. 

A New Future For Amazon Success

To address these challenges and maximize your agency’s resources, enlisting a technology partner to provide continuous, end-to-end optimization at scale is essential. Let’s explore how automation and artificial intelligence can provide real-time optimization and help you discover new opportunities to grow your business.

Top Product Categories

Focus on High-performance Advertising

Having thousands of products across your portfolio is great, but how can you ensure your target audience reaches them? Performing search term analysis every week, or even every day, for each product, category, or brand becomes unrealistic and adds to the complexity of advertising.

AI solutions like Noogata’s Ad Booster help you reduce wasted ad spend, rank higher in organic search, and boost Amazon sales. Instead of relying on generic keyword recommendations, AI offers smarter predictions to safeguard your bid budget by discovering high-performance keywords and ASINs to expand your ad reach. Since advertising on Amazon is crucial, you need to make every campaign count. 

Perfectly Optimize Your Content

Optimizing your product listings is essential for enhancing your brand visibility on Amazon. However, manually completing this task for each of your hundreds or even thousands of products would be way too time-intensive. Innovative AI tools like ChatGPT have brought the power of real-time content generation to the forefront. 

Solutions like Noogata’s Perfect Content have made it possible to score and identify weak-performing product content and rapidly generate updated titles and descriptions using AI. This ensures that all content is optimized using data-driven recommendations, including successful search terms, resulting in improved organic conversions and increased visibility. 

Moreover, you can easily optimize newly launched content, which is particularly advantageous for agencies and brands that are constantly expanding their portfolios.

Product Page

Research indicates that 90% of shoppers check Amazon’s marketplace for price comparisons before purchasing. Implementing dynamic pricing without AI assistance is challenging because of the massive scope of products on Amazon, but your digital shelf needs an automated pricing strategy to thrive. 

AI-powered competitive intelligence platforms alert you when competitors make changes, and the best tools also provide strategies to help you confidently decide what action to take. This insight into the competitive landscape enables you to benchmark your brands’ digital shelf performance across all Amazon categories.

Own Your Share of Traffic

Ultimately, success on Amazon depends on search—and it’s a wild battle for the top spots. How do you capitalize on search trend opportunities ahead of your competitors? AI offers a compelling solution through Noogata’s Search Trendspotting, wherein competitive intelligence helps you better understand your share of paid versus organic search traffic. 

With AI tools, you can discover how consumers search and locate your products to capitalize on search trend opportunities ahead of competitors. Effective AI-driven search trendspotting helps improve the discoverability of all products on your digital shelf, boosts Amazon sales, and grows your ranking in organic search results to attract the 39% of shoppers who start their search on Amazon.

Confidence is Key For Guiding Your Decisions

It’s important to understand that the role of AI isn’t to run your Amazon business for you. Instead, its purpose is to assist you in identifying new opportunities and guiding your decisions and strategies as you grow. Choosing a competitive intelligence platform that provides AI-led insights and recommendations is one of the most effective ways to stay ahead of the ever-changing Amazon landscape. 

While your eCommerce strategy will likely evolve continuously, competitive intelligence ensures that your brand positioning remains robust and that you take advantage of every opportunity to boost sales while managing and growing Amazon brands at scale. With AI on your side, profitable decision-making becomes effortless, and your Amazon success becomes predictable.

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