Top 10 Jungle Scout Alternatives

By Jaron Seijffers on June 19, 2024
Top 10 Jungle Scout Alternatives

Jungle Scout is one of the most popular market intelligence platforms for Amazon sellers, but that doesn’t mean it is the right solution for every seller. While there are many things Jungle Scout does well, no single solution provider can provide all of the features you need on a marketplace as vast and volatile as Amazon.

With third-party merchants responsible for 61% of the items sold on Amazon, sellers can see the benefit of utilizing the best intelligence and research tools to claim their market share. For various reasons, such as cost, accuracy, and support for additional marketplaces, many are looking for alternatives to Jungle Scout.

For merchants who find themselves in this situation—or are just curious about the possibilities beyond Jungle Scout—we’ve prepared a review of ten competing platforms worth checking out.

What is Jungle Scout, and why should you consider an alternative?

Jungle Scout is an Amazon seller and product research software tool. It offers features like a listing builder, keyword analysis, and competitor tracking. With over a million users, it’s clearly a go-to choice

However, Jungle Scout may not be perfect for everyone. It’s focused solely on Amazon, so sellers who use multiple platforms like Walmart or Etsy might find it limiting. Additionally, some users have expressed concerns about the price, data accuracy, and lack of features for sellers who fulfill their own orders.

This is where Jungle Scout alternatives come in. These Amazon seller tools offer a wider variety of options to cater to different seller needs. If you’re looking for support on multiple marketplaces, more accurate data, specialized features, or a more budget-friendly option, exploring alternatives could be the key to unlocking greater success for your business.

Jungle Scout Platform

Types of Jungle Scout Alternatives

There are two types of solutions in competition with Jungle Scout: 

  1. All-in-one platforms that cover all or most of the services an Amazon seller might need
  2. Specialized solutions that focus on one particular niche, like product discovery, competitive intelligence, or listing optimization

Before you invest too much time researching different solutions, you’ll need to decide if you want one platform that does everything or a stack of task-specific software.

Benefits of Jungle Scout Alternatives

If you’re a Jungle Scout user, you might ask, “Why should I look for alternative solutions?” Here are the benefits you might enjoy with software tools beyond Jungle Scout:

  • Lower prices save you money
  • Better support for multiple user accounts
  • Better support for FBM sellers
  • Specialized solutions can focus on specific tasks and execute them well
  • Jungle Scout alternatives may be compatible with Walmart, eBay, and other marketplaces beyond Amazon
  • Smaller companies can provide more attentive, individualized customer service

Amazon Software Benefits

Key Features to Look for in a Jungle Scout Alternative

Jungle Scout alternatives can offer comparable performance at a lower cost, with the added benefit that some of their tools and features may be better geared toward your specific business needs. 

When determining which features are most important, consider an alternative with:

  • Intuitive Interface: Look for a tool that’s easy to navigate and understand, minimizing your learning curve.
  • Enhanced Data Accuracy: Prioritize platforms that can maximize your data’s value by ensuring its reliability and accuracy, allowing you to make informed decisions.
  • Strong Customer Support: Choose a provider that offers responsive and helpful assistance when needed.
  • Multi-Marketplace Compatibility: If selling on multiple platforms, opt for a tool that supports your expansion.
  • In-Depth Competitor Analysis: Gain valuable insights into your rivals’ strategies and performance.
  • Historic Sales Data: Access past sales trends to identify profitable product opportunities.
  • Free Plans or Affordable Pricing: Explore options that fit your budget without sacrificing essential features.
  • Generative AI Capabilities: Utilize AI-powered insights and recommendations to streamline your product research and decision-making, and aid in listing optimization.

Top 10 Jungle Scout Alternatives

1. Seller Labs Pro

Jungle Scout Alternative - Seller Labs

If you’re inclined to trust Jungle Scout because of their long history as a service provider, check out Seller Labs, which beat them to market by two years. Although Seller Labs is primarily a sales dashboard, it also offers features that help with customer messaging, ad spend monitoring, and product insights.

Best for: Visualizing data in a user-friendly dashboard interface.

Price: $39 to $299 monthly, depending on your sales volume and plan type. There is a 30-day free trial offer.

Review: “Their pricing allows small sellers to get started at very low cost and gradually grow their business.”

2. Noogata

Jungle Scout Alternative - Noogata

Noogata puts the power of AI behind competitive intelligence and its other key features, including assortment intelligence, digital shelf analytics, market insights, content optimization, and sales forecasting. It also gives you tools for performance monitoring and team collaboration, helping you maximize the impact of the insights it generates. 

For sellers in highly contested product categories, Noogata’s advanced competitor comparisons can give you a distinct advantage over Jungle Scout’s more basic competitor analysis tools.

Best for: Informing your Amazon sales strategy with fresh, accurate competitor intelligence and other critical insights.

Price: By inquiry.

Review: “Noogata makes prioritizing what to do next so easy.”

3. ZonBase

Jungle Scout Alternative - ZonBase

ZonBase is a beginner-friendly, affordably-priced solution that provides lots of support to new sellers, making it a good option if Jungle Scout feels too big and impersonal. It features a proprietary database for product research and twenty different tools to help sellers optimize their listings and grow their sales.

Best for: An easy-to-use solution with excellent customer support.

Price: $30 to $297 monthly, depending on the plan. There is a free trial version.

Review: “Their staff ticks all the boxes. Helpful, quick to respond, and kept me in the loop while a resolution was found.”

4. Viral Launch

Jungle Scout Alternative - Viral Launch

Designed to support your Amazon journey from day one, Viral Launch offers a comprehensive toolkit for sellers. It covers listings, keywords, market intelligence and analytics, product discovery, and PPC ad campaign management, making it a viable one-stop solution.

Best for: A full-featured toolkit you can use at launch and continue to rely on as your business grows.

Price: $57.50 to $199 monthly, depending on your desired plan and features. There is a 14-day free trial offer.

Review: “Very easy to get started and set up. We were ready and completed the setup on the day of purchase.”

5. Zoof

Jungle Scout Alternative - Zoof

This affordable all-in-one solution strongly emphasizes product discovery, with a varied suite of tools designed to help sellers find the next big trending items. Zoof also includes monitoring and listing optimization tools, and supports multichannel sales.  

Best for: Approaching product discovery from multiple angles.

Price: $20 to $299 monthly, depending on the plan.

Review: “Zoof offers a lot of variety for discovering profitable products on Amazon.”

6. Nepeto

Jungle Scout Alternative - Nepeto

Opting to do one thing and do it well, Nepeto focuses on product discovery to the exclusion of all other features. Its algorithm scans a vast selection of online sources, including major retailers, Amazon flips, and liquidation sales, and provides detailed information about products likely to sell profitably on Amazon.

Best for: Discovering products from a wide variety of online suppliers.

Price: $26 to $98 monthly, depending on the plan. There is a 3-day free trial offer.

Review: “It provided insightful analytics, enabling us to optimize our strategies and achieve significant cost savings.”

7. AmazeOwl

Jungle Scout Alternative - AmazeOwl

AmazeOwl targets sellers starting their first Amazon business and looking for help finding winning products. With a very reasonable pricing structure and extensive training resources for new sellers, this solution is a good option for merchants unsure if they’re ready to invest in a platform like Jungle Scout.

Best for: New sellers looking to start with a low-cost solution.

Price: $12.99 to $29.95 monthly, depending on the plan. There is a free starter version.

Review: “It’s easy to use and great for beginners.”

8. Helium 10

Jungle Scout Alternative - Helium 10

Jungle Scout’s top competitor in terms of market share, Helium 10, is the first provider that comes to mind for many sellers looking for alternatives. Its functionality is on par, but it includes unique features like Refund Genie, which helps sellers recover losses due to issues like product damage. Helium 10 has a steeper learning curve, but experienced sellers may appreciate its advanced product discovery tools and compatibility with Walmart.

Best for: Sellers motivated to learn how to take full advantage of Helium 10’s toolkit.

Price: $29 to $279 monthly, depending on the plan. 

Review: “It takes the pain out of keyword research and optimizing your listing.”

9. AMZScout

Jungle Scout Alternative - AMZScout

A robust solution that can stand head-to-head with Jungle Scout in terms of its features and capabilities, AMZScout provides all of the essential tools for Amazon sellers: product research, listing optimization, keyword search, and more. If you’re new to the business, you’ll appreciate their training courses and educational videos.

Best for: Sellers who need a robust, scalable platform that works in twelve international Amazon markets.

Price: $31.66 to $49.99 monthly, depending on the plan, with special lifetime access packages and a free trial.

Review: “I recommend AMZScout to anyone who wants to get their product listing just right, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced seller.”

10. Unicorn Smasher

Jungle Scout Alternative - Unicorn Smasher

This final challenger is a product research tool and dashboard that comes as a Chrome extension. Fast, convenient, and easy to use, Unicorn Smasher provides extensive details on the products it finds, giving you lots of data points to base your decisions on.

Best for: Doing product research directly within your Chrome browser.

Price: Lifetime plans are $49.99 to $159.99, depending on how many additional accounts you need. There is a free version.

Review: “It is a really great alternative for a lot of other paid and expensive extensions.”

There’s a Rumble in the Jungle—and it’s Noogata

Jungle Scout’s been around a long time, and many sellers swear by it. But that doesn’t make it the king of the Amazon jungle. For savvy sellers who want the most relevant, sales-maximizing insights, it makes sense to take the time to consider every option and choose the one that fits your budget and business plans perfectly.

Noogata helps sellers gain unstoppable revenue momentum with sales-focused insights and competitor intelligence for leading brands, agencies, and CPGs. Its unique AI-powered features allow you to outperform the competition in the Amazon jungle while managing growth at scale.

Book a Noogata demo to empower your team with new growth opportunities.

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