Top 12 Amazon Arbitrage Software

By Eyal Katz on July 26, 2023
Top 12 Amazon Arbitrage Software

Amazon is one of the best places on the internet for an independent seller to jump into eCommerce. You don’t need to stock and ship your own products, and business models like Amazon arbitrage will let you profit simply by applying the time-honored advice of buying low and selling high.

Third-party sales are an increasingly significant part of Amazon’s sales dominance, accounting for 59% of all items sold. Even better news for sellers is that nearly nine out of ten are making a profit. But this means that the number of third-party sellers keeps going up, increasing the competition and making it harder for arbitrage sellers to maintain a strong position on the digital shelf.

Arbitrage sellers need to act quickly to changes in the marketplace if they want to stay ahead of the pack—and having the right tools makes a huge difference. We’ve got you covered with this list of the top twelve software solutions for Amazon arbitrage.

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What is Amazon arbitrage software?

Arbitrage refers to purchasing goods for a low price in one market, then reselling them for a higher price in a different market. Amazon arbitrage software helps you find products online, determine competitive prices, and resell them on Amazon for a profit.

Amazon arbitrage software will generally fit into one (or more) of these four categories:

  • Ecommerce Platforms with a deep range of features designed for Amazon and/or Amazon arbitrage 
  • Product Sourcing & Research Tools help you find products to sell.
  • Pricing Tools track product prices and calculate profit margins.
  • Repricing Tools automatically optimize your product prices.

Getting started with Amazon arbitrage is easy and affordable, especially if you take advantage of the Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) shipping and support your activities with the right software solutions.


Benefits of Amazon Arbitrage Software

The most successful Amazon arbitrage sellers have a few things in common. They deal in a large variety of products, ensure they have the latest and most accurate information about pricing and consumer demand, and move quickly to list profitable items and adjust their prices as needed.

All this adds up to a lot of manual processes for a seller to juggle. Software solutions can easily handle these tasks, automating the sourcing, listing, and pricing processes, and allowing you to scale up your operation to include thousands of products. The right software will help you grow your business fast and stay several steps ahead of the competition.

Key Features of Amazon Arbitrage Software

The best arbitrage software solutions will use the latest, most innovative technology to provide optimized product and pricing recommendations, including AI and machine learning. Browser extensions and mobile apps can maximize accessibility, and analytics based on artificial intelligence will consistently outperform static algorithms. For product research solutions, you’ll want to ensure they can filter by all the criteria relevant to your business.

Online-Arbitrage Advantages

Top 12 Amazon Arbitrage Software

Ecommerce Platforms


1. SourceMogul

As an Official Amazon Software Partner, SourceMogul provides the inside scoop on pricing and sales trends while scanning the web nonstop for products that can be resold on Amazon. SourceMogul gives you unlimited product searches with many options and filters to help you narrow your choices.

Best for: Powerful, wide-ranging product searches.

Price: $67 per month or $880 per year. They offer a 7-day free trial.

Review: “Great support and I always manage to find products to sell.”

Noogata Digital Shelf

2. Noogata

Noogata is an AI-powered solution for eCommerce businesses with many Amazon-specific features that offer advantages to arbitrage sellers. Noogata uses AI to anticipate market trends, identify high-performing keywords, calculate optimized prices, uncover actionable insights, and provide accurate competitor intelligence. With strategic analytics from Noogata, you’ll be able to make data-driven decisions that strengthen your position on Amazon’s digital shelf and accelerate the growth of your business.

Best for: Recommendations based on AI insights and high-quality competitive intelligence.

Price: By inquiry.

Review: “By tracking your competitors’ pricing and promotional activity, you can adjust your own pricing strategy to remain competitive while still maintaining profitability.”

Helium 10

3. Helium 10

Helium 10’s platform gives you access to a full suite of tools designed to grow your ecommerce business. Arbitrage sellers will benefit from their market analytics, product research, and keyword research features. They also provide an insight dashboard and training resources to help sellers make smarter strategic decisions.

Best for: Supporting your product research with insights and training.

Price: $29 to $229 per month, billed annually.

Review: “The category list is very wide and covers anything you need to research.”

Jungle Scout

4. Jungle Scout

As its name suggests, Jungle Scout is a platform that equips sellers with all the tools they might need to survive in the wilds of the Amazon Marketplace, with a particular focus on delivering market insights. This solution can help you with product research, advertising analytics, inventory management, listing optimization, and more.

Best for: Having a comprehensive set of tools for all your Amazon selling needs.

Price: Plans range from $29 to $84 per month, with a discount for annual payments and a 7-day free trial offer.

Review: “Jungle Scout delivers important real-time and historical data to make selling and listing decisions easier.”

Amazon Seller App

5. Amazon Seller App

Though not strictly for arbitrage sales, the Amazon Seller App is essential for anyone with an Amazon store. Amazon’s official mobile app for online store management gives you on-the-go access to your sales figures, listings, inventory, pricing, and customer communication anytime you need it.

Best for: Managing your Amazon store from your mobile device.

Price: Free

Review: “I use this app regularly as a seller to find and manage my product inventory effectively.”

Product Sourcing & Research


6. IP-Alert

One of the most significant hazards of running an Amazon arbitrage business is running afoul of intellectual property complaints. IP-Alert is a Chrome extension that can help you avoid these setbacks by proactively identifying products that could expose you to IP claims. It upgrades its database daily to provide comprehensive and accurate protection.

Best for: Preventing intellectual property complaints.

Price: Free, with some paid features.

Review: “A unique tool in the market that every seller should have.”

Tactical Arbitrage

7. Tactical Arbitrage

This solution makes it easy to search more than a thousand retail stores and wholesalers for products to resell on Amazon. Tactical Arbitrage offers special research features for booksellers and provides deep analytics to help you set the best prices possible.

Best for: Quickly finding products with a good profit margin.

Price: Plans range from $50 to $95 per month, with discounts for annual payments and a one-week free trial.

Review: “Takes a little time to learn the template, but once you do it’s great because of its ease of use and quick analysis capabilities.”


8. BuyBotPro

BuyBotPro is a product research tool that helps you make smart, speedy decisions about what to stock in your Amazon arbitrage store. Their built-in calculator can quickly tell you everything you need to know about profit margins, consumer demand, sales history, and information about intellectual property considerations, hazmat requirements, Amazon fees, and other factors.

Best for: Getting a complete picture of the products you’re researching.

Price: Plans range from $39.95 to $129.95 monthly, with a 14-day free trial.

Review: “The software dives deep into the data and sees things I would never figure out.”

Seller Assistant App

9. Seller Assistant App

Seller Assistant App, available in extensions for all major web browsers, is a product research solution with access to a special marketplace for finding arbitrage deals. It’s an easy-to-use program that analyzes over 200 million products and includes all the features needed to source and evaluate them.

Best for: Simple, browser-integrated product sourcing.

Price: $15.99 to $29.99 monthly, with annual discounts and a 14-day free trial offer.

Review: “Ideal for those new to online arbitrage.”


Pricing Tools


10. Keepa

If you need detailed information on pricing, Keepa has got the goods. This solution offers detailed price history charts for billions of Amazon products, price tracking with alerts (including international pricing), and a comprehensive overview of recent price drops by category.

Best for: Deep dives on product pricing histories.

Price: By inquiry, with a limited free version.

Review: “I like the sales history and price changes that it shows over the lifetime of the product.”


Repricing Tools


11. Aura

Aura is a repricing tool with a simple goal: keep your products in the Buy Box. Using machine learning technology, Aura provides real-time strategies to get your listing into the Buy Box and keep it there for as long as possible.

Best for: Improving your chances of making it into the Buy Box.

Price: $97 per month, with a 20% discount if you pay annually. They offer a free trial.

Review: “It can take a while to get to grips with it but support really helped me.”


12. SellerSnap

Here’s another tool that uses AI well, leveraging its power to assist you with product repricing and discounts calculated to hone your competitive edge. SellerSnap’s AI model is based on game theory concepts, which are intended to preserve sellers’ profit margins and provide the best chances of making it into the Buy Box.

Best for: Smart repricing that avoids race-to-the-bottom pricing wars.

Price: Starts at $250 per month, with a 15-day free trial.

Review: “This tool is fantastic for repricing the products sold on Amazon: it saves time, and is very easy to use.”

The Right Tools Make Arbitrage Easy

Arbitrage is an easy way to start an Amazon business with serious growth potential, but you will need tools to automate the ongoing processes of sourcing and repricing products. It’s also critical to understand your consumers and competitors. Tools like Noogata’s AI Amazon Growth Assistant provide you with data-driven insights to outperform the competition and give your customers the great deals they’re looking for. 

Book a demo today to see how Noogata can help your Amazon arbitrage business reach the next level.

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