Top 10 Amazon Sales Trackers to Predict Revenue

By Jaron Seijffers on April 11, 2024
Top 10 Amazon Sales Trackers to Predict Revenue

Just as cars have fuel gauges and video game characters have health bars, Amazon sellers need to have some way to measure and predict their performance. Tracking your key sales metrics can tell you if your store is healthy, your marketing strategies are paying off, and there’s demand for your products. Predictive analytics are essential for forecasting your revenues, which helps you make smarter decisions when scaling your business.

There’s no doubt that Amazon is booming for independent sellers, with 87% of shoppers more likely to purchase products from Amazon’s marketplace than from other eCommerce sites. If there’s one thing top sellers have in common, it’s that they’re using all the data available to them as intelligently as they can to assist their growth.

However, with so much data available, using spreadsheets for tracking and analytics is a relic of the past. Automated and AI-powered software tools are the best solution for monitoring your KPIs and predicting future revenues. We’ve got you covered with a list of the ten best Amazon sales trackers on the market today.

How to Track Amazon Sales and Predict Revenue

Tracking sales and predicting revenue are complementary processes. Tracking critical sales metrics allows you to analyze and identify patterns that can be extrapolated into future projections. 

Key KPIs to monitor include:

  • Sales revenue with particular attention paid to seasonal fluctuations.
  • Return on Ad Spend (RoAS) tells you how much revenue your ad campaigns generate.
  • Click-through Rate (CTR) measures the customer engagement your ads elicit.
  • Seller fees, such as referral, FBA, and storage fees, show you the actual cost of doing business on Amazon.
  • Inventory levels help to ensure that you can meet product demand during peak sales seasons.
  • Customer feedback, including returns, reviews, and chargebacks.

It’s also critical to look at competitive intelligence and sales history, among many other factors.


What are Amazon sales trackers?

Amazon sales trackers automate the process of monitoring your sales metrics and related information, which could include marketplace data, best-seller rankings, competitor activity, and other data that can be analyzed to measure your performance and generate valuable insights and predictions.

Depending on their complexity and the number of features, sales trackers may be browser extensions or standalone programs. Many solutions present their data in a dashboard format that allows for easy-to-read charts, graphs, and other visualizations. 

The best Amazon sales tracker tools will employ sophisticated artificial intelligence and machine learning to generate deep strategic insights for your eCommerce team to act on.

Benefits of Amazon Sales Trackers

Amazon sales trackers give you a window into your future, helping you weather slow periods, capitalize on trends and seasonal demand, make smarter purchasing and stocking decisions, and smoothly manage the growth of your business.

Sales tracking software takes the guesswork out of anticipating the road ahead. It saves you the time and effort of manually gathering, organizing, and analyzing data. By automating collecting and analyzing data from various sources, you efficiently receive a clear, comprehensive, and accurate picture of current and future performance.

Benefits of Revenue Projection

Top 10 Amazon Sales Trackers

1. DataHawk

DataHawk Amazon Sales Tracker

Data Hawk’s solution brings together all of your eCommerce data so you can monitor and optimize your operations from a single centralized platform. Among many other features, it includes tools that allow you to track, visualize, and analyze your sales data and revenue estimations.

Best for: A customizable, dashboard-based approach to eCommerce optimization.

Price: By inquiry

Review: “The ability to visualize changes to content, reviews, ad spend, and search rank against real time sales has been invaluable.”

2. Noogata

Noogata Amazon Sales Tracker

Noogata provides Amazon sellers with an AI assistant that automates analytics and insights applicable to every aspect of growing a successful eCommerce business. It includes an Amazon Sales Estimator tool that uses historical data, current performance, and best-seller rankings to predict future revenue. 

Noogata also offers product discovery and competitive intelligence to help you optimize your sales and advertising strategy while conquering the digital shelf.

Best for: Sellers looking to increase revenue and outperform their competition with AI-driven insights, analytics, and intelligence.

Price: By inquiry

Review: “Noogata makes prioritizing what to do next so easy.”

3. HelloProfit

HelloProfit Amazon Sales Tracker

HelloProfit’s Amazon sales tracker offers live sales updates, data visualizations, and a dashboard that lets you easily toggle between high-level and granular views of your day-to-day performance. It supports multiple seller accounts and generates detailed reports that can be used for revenue prediction.

Best for: Sellers juggling multiple brands or storefronts that need a single place to track and project their sales.

Price: $97 per month, with $29 per month for each additional Amazon Seller account. 

Review: “My ability to manage my finances has increased, and it has assisted me in making wiser corporate financial decisions.”

4. SellerLegend

SellerLegend Amazon Sales Tracker

SellerLegend aims to provide sellers with the features they wish were included in Seller Central. It gives you in-depth financial reporting, customer and order management capabilities, inventory forecasting, and more. It includes a sales tracking dashboard that you can customize with special widgets for your most important KPIs.

Best for: Sales tracking with robust customer and product management features.

Price: From $49.99 to $99.99 per month, depending on the size of your business. 

Review: “I like the ability to easily access the sales velocity versus inventory and having it tell you the reorder date for each specific item.”

5. Putler

Putler Amazon Sales Tracker

For merchants who sell on other marketplaces besides Amazon, Putler offers an integrated solution for tracking and analyzing multichannel sales data in one place. Putler’s dashboard provides a big-picture view of your sales performance and drills down into specific metrics as needed. There are also insight tools to help with revenue prediction and strategic decision-making.

Best for: Tracking your sales across multiple marketplace platforms.

Price: Starts at $20 per month

Review: “Putler helped me understand which products were selling more and why.”

6. AMZScout

AMZScout_PRO Amazon Sales Tracker

Many practical features are packed into AMZScout, including product research tools, keywords, and suppliers. There’s also fee calculation, inventory management, listing optimization, and sales estimation to assist your Amazon business needs. It comes with a Chrome extension, allowing you to access it from your browser.

Best for: Sellers who want a feature-packed platform with specialized research tools for dropshipping, arbitrage, and wholesale.

Price: Starts at $49.99 per month, with various add-ons and discounts. 

Review: “AMZScout makes finding products easy and provides me with the data I need to make a business decision on what products I should sell.”

7. InsightLeap

new InsightLeap Amazon Sales Tracker

InsightLeap constantly monitors product listings to notify you about changes to content, pricing, Buy Box status, customer reviews, and best seller rankings. It also includes analytics and reporting tools for your inventory, ad performance, and other factors that can help you accurately predict revenue. 

Best for: Helping you immediately identify product listing changes that might impact your conversion rates.

Price: By inquiry

Review: “By having the ability to monitor our products’ ASINs and tracking of sales and inventory data, it provided me with a guide in strategic decision-making to meet our targets effectively.”

8. Unicorn Smasher

UnicornSmasher Amazon Sales Tracker

As a Chrome extension, Unicorn Smasher integrates with your browser to present you with a dashboard for sales estimates and product research. It uses real-time data to provide an easy-to-read overview of a wide range of important metrics. You can check out product variations, find new sales opportunities, and export your data for more in-depth number crunching. 

Best for: A convenient dashboard that provides at-a-glance information from your browser.

Price: From $49.99 to $159.99 for lifetime use.

Review: “It is a really great alternative for a lot of other paid and expensive extensions.”

9. Sellerise

Sellerise Amazon Sales Tracker

Sellerise is an automated Amazon sales tracker with a user-friendly dashboard interface. It automatically aggregates sales, inventory, and other financial data, providing sellers with timely sales tracking and accurate revenue estimates. It also includes a variety of listing alerts and research tools.

Best for: Sellers looking for an easy-to-use toolkit that’s expandable to include additional features as needed.

Price: $19.99 to $299.99 per month, depending on the number of accounts and features desired. 

Review: “Sellerise aggregates all of the data we need to make informed decisions about production, inventory placement, pricing, and so much more.”

10. SellerApp

SellerApp Amazon Sales Tracker

SellerApp helps Amazon sellers track their own sales and those of competitors. It provides estimates of sales volume, revenue, and profitability. You can also set up alerts for price changes, listing updates, and low inventory. It has features for listing optimization, keyword research, FBA calculations, and evaluating the performance of your ad campaigns.

Best for: Beginner sellers who can simplify their business with SellerApp’s automation.

Price: From $99 to $149 per month, with a freemium plan and custom pricing options.

Review: “SellerApp’s data helped us to understand the performance of our products.”

Keep Your Amazon Business on Track for Success

Tracking your Amazon sales and estimating future revenue can help you plot a profitable course for your business. But the best tools won’t just quantify and estimate your sales; they’ll also show you the steps you can take to increase them. 

With Noogata’s AI-powered platform providing advanced analytics and competitive intelligence, you’ll have the insights and information you need to raise your sales performance to the next level. 

Try a free demo of Noogata to discover how it can boost your Amazon sales and increase revenue.

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