New ecommerce blocks improve and expand the use of AI to track and monitor millions of product listings on major ecommerce platforms 
Improved platform usability streamlines work for large teams

NEW YORK and TEL AVIV — March 15, 2022Noogata, a global leader in no-code artificial intelligence (AI), today announced the addition of powerful new functionality and blocks to its Ecommerce Library. Noogata customers now have additional visibility over their and their competitors’ product listings, with the ability to quickly identify and react to changes, monitor exposure and rankings over time, and easily manage their sales KPIs. These new capabilities build on the Noogata platform’s ability to leverage data to provide useful analysis and insight across a wide range of ecommerce products and categories, optimize decision-making and boost sales and profitability.

Noogata has also improved the platform’s interface to make it easier for users to get the information they need and for large teams to collaborate on the Noogata platform. These enhancements have been made based on the way current users are deploying the platform to drive impact for their businesses. The new blocks and the additional functionality amplify the power of existing blocks, extending the ability of the Noogata platform to turn data into actionable insights.

“We’ve been working with our users on implementing and scaling Noogata across their team and portfolio, which has taught us a lot about what our users do and what they want. These user learnings have helped us improve our product to make our AI blocks smarter and the resulting insights more actionable. We also focused on improving the platform’s usability and ability to scale so that it’s easier for the growing number of business users to tap into the power of AI-driven decision making,” said Oren Raboy, CTO and co-founder, Noogata.

About the Noogata Platform

Noogata’s SaaS-based platform makes AI and ML capabilities accessible to any business user who needs to analyze data. The modular, plug-and-play design is both simple enough for anyone to get started quickly and customizable to answer data-driven questions. The Noogata platform is made up of hundreds of pre-built AI blocks and libraries. These are organized by business function and, used individually or in combination, produce insights, predictions and analysis across marketing, ecommerce and sales.

About the Noogata Ecommerce Library

Noogata’s Ecommerce Library enables teams to improve online sales performance by providing pricing, content and advertising recommendations. The library is a selection of pre-built AI blocks designed to optimize ecommerce sales. Use cases cover search term insight, content creation, advertising visibility, competitor analysis and more. Business users use these blocks to monitor ecommerce sales, spot new sales opportunities, and take action to drive sales.

New blocks added to the Noogata Ecommerce Library

  1. The Product Tracker block gives additional visibility on product listings which users can use to monitor, track and verify changes and quickly identify activity that impacts profit, such as out of stock notifications, title resets or competitor pricing changes and discounts. Product Tracker amplifies the results of Noogata’s other ecommerce blocks and contributes to reducing friction between data and business users.
  2. The Product Exposure block gives users organic exposure analysis of their products and competitors within a buying category by measuring the exposure products are getting on Amazon search. Unique search-ranking metrics quantify product performance against identified search terms. Users can monitor exposure and ranking over time.
  3. The Smart Sales KPIs block allows users to easily extract and organize all Amazon sales KPIs related to their products in one file. This functionality is now available on a self-service basis.


About Noogata

Noogata is a global leader in no-code artificial intelligence (AI) for business users. Its AI platform is built for business users who need to turn their data into actionable insights quickly and easily to drive opportunities, growth, and profit. Noogata delivers the benefits of best-in-class AI for maximum business impact without the complexity and costs of having to develop or maintain your own models. It is currently being used by a range of blue-chip companies to drive sales and scale AI across their organizations. Founded in 2019 with offices in New York and Tel Aviv, privately-held Noogata is backed by Team8 and Skylake Capital.

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