No-Code AI: What Is It & Why Does It Matter?

What Is No-Code AI and Why Is It Important? Today, most enterprises are considering how they can become more data-driven and better leverage the huge volumes of data available to them to make stronger decisions. Key to this is how to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to facilitate this. Reports from NewVantage […]

7 Pillars to Drive ROI Across Marketing Portfolios

Marketing has traditionally been perceived as a creative discipline. But the advent of digital technology means marketing departments are now awash with data, dictating a much more scientific approach. By experimenting with different tactics and techniques, and measuring the impact of each, marketers can continuously optimize budget allocations for maximum effectiveness. But they need the […]

Team Member Spotlight: Preeya Goenka, VP, Customer Success

Why did you join Noogata? I was interested in Noogata and the VP of Customer Success role right from my very first conversation with the team. There is a massive need for easy-to-use AI technology for enterprise companies that Noogata is solving for, and they’re doing it in a unique way. Not to mention, they […]

Putting AI at the heart of business – the next step

I am beyond excited to announce that Noogata has closed $16 million in Series A funding today, bringing our total funding to $28 million, with Eight Roads leading the round. Today, we have taken a huge step forward in realizing our vision of enabling any business user to quickly make informed, data-driven decisions leveraging AI. […]

Four Factors that are Transforming the Consumer Goods Industry

Technology is fundamentally changing consumer behavior. But it is doing so more slowly than most of us expected at the dawn of the Internet. The impact on consumer goods companies is therefore proving more evolutionary than revolutionary. Many upstart brands have eaten up market share by capitalizing on digital expertise – selling their wares via […]

How to prepare for Amazon Prime Day 2022

Don’t miss out on summer sales opportunities – begin preparing your inventory and marketing strategies now  Since its launch in 2015 Amazon Prime Day has become one of the busiest sales days of the year, with massive increases in business for both Amazon and its ecommerce sellers. In 2021, consumers purchased $11.2 billion worth of […]

2022: The Year Ecommerce and In-Store Become Intertwined

If 2020 was the year of lockdowns and e-commerce growth, and 2021 the year of a nostalgic return to stores, 2022 is the year we’ll see the two channels become closely intertwined. Savvy consumer goods companies and retailers need to understand the relationship between their physical presence and online sales. Key to this is tapping […]

#BreakTheBias of Our Views on Women’s Corporate Roles – Noogata

International Women’s Day 2022   International Women’s Day 2022 theme of “Break the Bias” (#BreakTheBias) really resonates with me. In my world, this bias presents as the constant, relentless bias against women in certain roles, or the bias that prevents women from being given these roles. Many organizations have made strides in increasing women in […]

Team Member Spotlight: Dina Lyon, Head of Marketing & Communications

We are thrilled to announce that Dina Lyon has joined the Noogata team as Head of Marketing and Communications. Dina brings 10+ years experience working in tech startups on brand building, content marketing, and lead generation. Most recently, Dina led the Marketing and Communications function at the data analytics company Earnest Research, taking them through […]