CPG company sees 60% rise in validated, high-value field sales leads

NEW YORK and TEL AVIV — November 9, 2021Noogata, a global leader in no-code artificial intelligence (AI) data analytics for enterprises, today announced the launch of its location analytics library. Building on the success of its existing eCommerce library, the location analytics library applies the power of Noogata’s no code AI data analytics platform to physical locations for consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands.

This allows sales and marketing leaders to leverage AI to gain actionable insights, including generating and scoring leads for new sales opportunities, through understanding the locations that are relevant for their business. Until now, sales and marketing teams struggled to enrich location data with all the relevant information from hundreds of external data sources, such as demographics, economic and sales trends and to apply the advanced analytics techniques required to gain real insights. Noogata’s location analytics library automates this entire process and generates a unique “location fingerprint” based on thousands of different features for each location.

The library allows organizations to define locations – from bricks and mortar stores to agricultural fields – with attributes that relate to a specific business question. Field sales managers can use these insights to find new potential locations similar to those currently successful and target their field sales efforts there. CMOs and their teams can take insights from bricks and mortar sales and use them to optimize targeted marketing efforts online.

A US-based consumer packaged goods company (CPG) that has been piloting three of the location analytics boards has already achieved a 60% increase in validated potential bricks and mortar location leads via Noogata’s location finder board.

“Enterprise location analytics efforts have been notoriously underwhelming to date, often resulting in anecdotes and typically failing to drive business impact at scale. With our location analytics library we help companies take the next step to harness data that is extremely difficult to tap into in a focused way and deliver rapid business impact,” said Assaf Egozi, CEO and co-founder, Noogata. “This impact goes beyond supporting bricks and mortar sales and marketing. It also boosts eCommerce sales and marketing efforts with omnichannel insights. And further, it has been shown that a critical success factor for smaller brands driving eCommerce sales is the targeted optimization of their bricks and mortar footprint.”

“We’ve just up-leveled our sales and marketing efforts thanks to the novel insights we’ve gained from Noogata’s location analytics library,” said Joanna Zucker, CEO of PCA Skin, a Colgate-Palmolive subsidiary. “It is now quick and easy to use AI to identify pockets of untapped potential in our markets, and then optimize our field sales teams to unlock this more effectively than ever before. An added bonus is the new understanding we have of the key drivers of our sales performance, which we can deploy in our targeted marketing efforts.”


Noogata’s location analytics library consists of the following AI boards:

  • Lead scoring: Find and prioritize field sales opportunities for consumer goods companies
  • Retail footprint expansion: Identify optimal locations for new stores
  • Product launch analytics: Select the best locations for new product launches
  • Hyper-local demand forecasting: Identify pockets of sales growth and uplift across all channels
  • Competitive analysis: Classify competitive peer groups for each location and track sales and marketing impact.
  • Marketing analytics: Provide localized insights into demographic patterns and preferences
  • Agriculture yield optimization: Optimize operations and minimize environmental impact


About Noogata

Noogata is a leader in no-code artificial intelligence (AI) designed from the ground up for the citizen data analyst. The company provides a modular, expandable platform that is ready for immediate use, thanks to pre-built, domain-focused blocks that “speak the language of business” and target unique, mission-critical use cases. Noogata delivers the benefits of best-in-class AI for maximum business impact without the complexity and costs of having to develop it or maintain the AI solutions. Founded in 2019 and headquartered in Tel Aviv, privately-held Noogata is backed by Team8 and Skylake Capital. To learn more, visit https://www.noogata.com/.