The Year to Embed AI for Business Success

A few weeks into my role as CRO and GM of the Americas at Noogata, the excitement, challenges, and learnings aren’t slowing down! A big part of my enjoyment of this role is because, as I knew when I joined, Noogata is transforming how people in positions like mine (sales, marketing, operations, finance, and even […]

From Neuroscience to AI

From neuroscience to AI – revelling in the replication of neural networks in AI solutions 

Scaling Enterprise AI (pt 2): No-Code AI Principles – Noogata

In my previous post, I looked at the difficulty in scaling enterprise AI using AutoML platforms to develop proprietary models. We concluded that this approach typically ran into two main challenges – the time taken to implement models and the difficulty maintaining focus on business outcomes. The conclusion pointed towards an alternative approach – using […]

Scaling enterprise AI (part 1): challenges with AutoML

AutoML platforms are a tempting proposition for any organization with in-house teams of data scientists looking to develop AI/ML models. Such platforms have provided a fertile sandbox to speed the development of proprietary AI/ML models. However, alternative approaches are now making AI/ML even easier to deploy and directly accessible to business users with little technical […]

AI for RevOps

A key success factor for RevOps is the ability to drive operational agility and provide customer-facing sales, marketing, and service executives with greater autonomy over their analytics and workflows.