How Global CPGs Use Data to Win the eCommerce Digital Shelf

How Global CPGs Use Data to Win in eCommerce

The phrase “work smarter, not harder” really hits home for CPG brands. The pandemic’s aftermath and global economic disruption have left CPGs juggling supply chain issues, labor shortages, and near-term inflationary pressures. Let’s not forget that shopper behavior has changed dramatically in the last two years, with buyers swapping a trip to the store for […]

Using AI-Driven Analytics to Uncover Baby-Care Trends – Noogata

It seems everywhere you look, brands are pushing hard to position their products as organic, natural, eco-friendly, or ecological. But does this strategy actually drive sales? What are consumers actually choosing?  On the basis that organic and/or eco-friendly products are particularly high profile in the baby-care space, we used this as a product category and […]