Top 18 Recommended Integrations for Amazon Seller Central

By Jaron Seijffers on May 02, 2024
Top 18 Recommended Integrations for Amazon Seller Central

Selling on Amazon is a complex challenge. Each product has many aspects that must be optimized to ensure visibility to customers and compliance with marketplace rules. To assist with this daunting task, Amazon provides Seller Central, a hub where sellers manage their products, track orders, run ads, and access sales reports. While Seller Central covers the basics, it often falls short by not providing comprehensive, easy-to-implement data or robust features. It can be frustrating for sellers relying on it to profitably run their businesses.

Many sellers turn to integrations to bridge the gap left by Seller Central’s limitations. These apps for Amazon Seller Central provide better-quality data, improve functionality, enhance productivity, simplify processes, and expand capabilities beyond the basic tools provided by Amazon. On average, sellers adopting integrations experience a 10% increase in sales and a 43% faster time to their first sale after listing.

Let’s explore how integrations offer strategic advantages by equipping sellers with the tools to excel in the competitive Amazon marketplace.

What are integrations for Amazon Seller Central, and why do you need them?

Integrations for Amazon Seller Central are applications developed by third-party providers that connect with Amazon’s platform directly or via API (Application Programming Interface). These tools are designed to streamline, extend, and enhance various aspects of the selling process that Seller Central might not fully support.

Approved integrations are found in the Amazon Selling Partner Appstore. It features a variety of apps categorized to serve different needs, such as inventory management, pricing strategies, analytics, marketing, and customer service.

They allow you to:

  • Automatically modify your pricing based on real-time market trends to remain competitive.
  • Connect your accounting systems with Seller Central to ensure complete financial oversight.
  • Develop and expand effective advertising campaigns across various products and channels.
  • Enhance your Amazon product listings by experimenting with different keywords, images, and descriptions.
  • Identify high-demand, low-supply products for potential sales opportunities.
  • Monitor your inventory levels closely to prevent stock shortages.

Third-party integrations often include tech and features not found in Seller Central, such as AI and ML, automation at scale, and competitive intelligence.

While Seller Central provides the foundation for selling on Amazon, the advanced features of integrations allow sellers to build a more robust, efficient, and competitive online business, significantly impacting success and profitability in the marketplace.


6 Types of Integrations for Amazon Seller Central

Integrations for Amazon Seller Central can be broadly categorized into six types, each addressing specific needs for sellers:

1. Analytics and Financial

These integrations offer tools for deeper financial analysis and business intelligence. They help sellers track profitability, monitor expenses, and analyze sales performance across different metrics. 

2. Product Listing/Research/Pricing

This category includes tools that assist sellers in researching potential products, optimizing listings, and setting competitive prices. Integrations may offer keyword research capabilities, SEO recommendations, and automated pricing strategies.

3. Ecommerce Management

Integrations in this category help streamline administrative and operational aspects of running an eCommerce business by automating tasks like order processing, payment reconciliation, and customer service management.

4. Inventory & Shipping

These integrations provide inventory management and logistics solutions, including synchronization of inventory levels, automated restocking alerts, and shipping management tools.

5. Customer Engagement 

Apps in this category improve how sellers interact with their customers. Integrations may include automated messaging systems, feedback collection tools, and customer support solutions.

6. Marketing & Advertising

Marketing integrations focus on expanding the reach and effectiveness of a seller’s marketing efforts. These apps can automate social media advertising, manage ad campaigns, optimize product visibility on Amazon, and measure the marketing success of different strategies.

Appstore inventory

Benefits of Integrations for Amazon Seller Central

  • Increased Sales – Integrations enable sellers to reach a wider audience and manage listings and inventory across various channels more efficiently, which helps boost sales volume and market reach.
  • Advanced Analytics – These tools offer sophisticated analytics that deliver in-depth data on sales trends, product performance, and customer behaviors. They allow sellers to make more informed decisions that positively impact their business.
  • Streamlined Operations – Integrations automate routine tasks such as repricing products, updating inventory, and managing customer feedback. This saves time and lowers the likelihood of errors, streamlining daily operations. They also automate mission-critical processes like product listing and order fulfillment, reducing the risk of issues like overselling while allowing sellers to concentrate on strategic growth areas.
  • Enhanced Scalability – Integrations simplify the management of multichannel selling, large product catalogs, and international expansion, supporting business growth and making it easier to scale operations effectively.
  • Cost-Effective – Integrations allow sellers to manage their business from a single platform, cutting on operational costs and increasing efficiency.
  • Improved Customer Experience – By enhancing customer service, marketing, and fulfillment, integrations help build brand loyalty and increase customer retention, contributing to a better buyer experience.

Top 18 Recommended Integrations for Amazon Seller Central

Here are the top recommended integrations for Amazon Seller Central across six categories. Unless noted otherwise, all solution ratings are from the Selling Partner Appstore and are on a one-star (lowest) to five-star (best) scale.

Analytics & Financial

1. Noogata

Noogata Sales Assistant Dashboard

Rating: ★★★★★ (G2)

Noogata is an eCommerce analytics and competitive intelligence platform that helps leading brands, agencies, and CPGs grow on Amazon. Powerful AI reveals and prioritizes relevant insights to grow and protect your portfolio, while providing competitor and market insights to optimize search, content, pricing, assortment, and inventory. Noogata features an Amazon AI Assistant and robust features to help your business outperform the competition.

2. A2X

A2X Amazon Seller Central

Rating: ★★★★★

A2X streamlines financial management for your Amazon business by automatically fetching Amazon settlement data and integrating it with popular accounting software like QuickBooks Online, Xero, Sage, or NetSuite. This eliminates manual data entry for sales, fees, Amazon taxes, refunds, and more, ensuring perfect reconciliation with your Amazon settlements. 

3. Profit Cyclops 

Profit Cyclops Amazon Seller Central

Rating: ★★★★★

Profit Cyclops analyzes Amazon Seller Central data to provide recommendations on profitability, pricing, and advertising costs. It tracks profit margins, analyzes ad performance, generates P&L reports, monitors inventory, and even tracks returns and reviews. 

Product Listing/Research/Pricing

4. ZonGuru

ZonGuru Profit Cyclops Amazon Seller Central

Rating: ★★★★★

ZonGuru assists Amazon sellers in crafting high-performing listings. It researches relevant keywords with search volume data, which helps optimize product titles, descriptions, and backend keywords to improve your Amazon search ranking. It’s also integrated with ChatGPT-4 for speedy, AI-enhanced listing content creation.

5. ChannelMAX

ChannelMAX Amazon Seller Central

Rating: ★★★★★

ChannelMAX optimizes repricing strategies by analyzing real-time market data and competitor pricing to adjust your product prices automatically, maximizing your Buy Box chances and profitability. ChannelMAX also offers inventory management features to prevent stockouts and improve listing performance to increase Amazon sales.

6. SellerApp

SellerApp Amazon Seller Central

Rating: ★★★★★

SellerApp equips Amazon sellers with a toolbox for product research, listing optimization, and data-driven pricing strategies. It helps you discover profitable products, analyze market demand and competition, and identify the right keywords to optimize your listings for better search ranking. SellerApp also provides features like estimated profit margins and competitor pricing insights.

Ecommerce Management

7. Zentail Launch

Zentail Launch Amazon Seller Central

Rating: ★★★★★

Zentail Launch simplifies expanding beyond Amazon. It leverages your existing FBA inventory to create listings on new marketplaces like Shopify, Walmart, Target Plus, and eBay. Zentail automates everything: product data translation, inventory and order syncing across channels, and fulfillment by Amazon MCF. Sellers gain valuable sales insights while managing their listings from one central hub.

8. ChannelSale

ChannelSale Amazon Seller Central

Rating: ★★★★★

ChannelSale automates managing products across various online marketplaces, including Amazon. It can create optimized product listings, sync product data and inventory, manage orders, and track fulfillment across all connected platforms. It also offers features like business rules setup, feed validation reports, and integration with Amazon’s Multichannel Fulfillment service.

9. Tool4seller

Tool4seller Amazon Seller Central

Rating: ★★★★★

Tool4Seller empowers Amazon sellers with a suite of tools for streamlined eCommerce management. It offers sales trend analysis, real-time inventory alerts, and PPC optimization. You can prevent stockouts with inventory management, gain competitor insights, and make data-driven decisions with business analytics.

Inventory & Shipping

10. InventoryLab

InventoryLab Amazon Seller Central

Rating: ★★★★★

InventoryLab helps sellers research and source new products, create FBA shipments, and analyze data to make informed decisions about restocking and pricing. It’s an all-in-one toolkit for Amazon sellers that manages inventory, tracks profitability, and optimizes listings.

11. RestockPro by eComEngine

RestockPro Amazon Seller Central

Rating: ★★★★½

RestockPro simplifies FBA inventory management for Amazon sellers by using sales data to forecast demand, generate reorder suggestions, and prevent stockouts. Sellers can manage purchase orders, track inventory across locations, and create kits for bundled products. It offers features for supplier monitoring, sales trend analysis, and optimizing product profitability.

12. Veeqo

Veeqo Amazon Seller Central

Rating: ★★★★

Veeqo is a multichannel eCommerce shipping software that offers Amazon sellers helpful features, including discounted shipping rates, A-to-Z claim protection, and inventory management tools. Veeqo can also help Amazon sellers track inventory across stores and locations, automate inventory updates, and generate shipping labels.

Customer Engagement

13. HighFive

HighFive Amazon Seller Central

Rating: ★★★★★

HighFive is a free, easy-to-use app designed to help Amazon sellers get more reviews from buyers. It automates the process of requesting reviews by sending emails through Amazon’s “Request a review” button, saving sellers time and effort. HighFive ensures sellers get fresh and recent reviews, which can improve their ranking in Amazon’s search results.

14. FeedbackWhiz

FeedbackWhiz Amazon Seller Central

Rating: ★★★★★

FeedbackWhiz helps Amazon sellers manage their online reputation. It automates requesting reviews through Amazon’s “Request a Review” button. Sellers can track feedback, respond to reviews, and set up alerts for negative feedback. This allows for quicker issue resolution and potentially improved seller ratings.

15. SageMailer

Sagemailer Amazon Seller Central

Rating: ★★★★

SageMailer assists Amazon sellers with review generation and customer communication via email. It automates review requests, lets you test different email templates for optimal results, and supports sending emails in multiple languages. SageMailer ensures compliance with Amazon’s guidelines and provides alerts for new reviews and feedback.

Marketing & Advertising

16. Perpetua (formerly Sellics)

Perpetua Amazon Seller Central

Rating: ★★★★★

Amazon sellers can leverage Perpetua for advanced ad management. It automates bidding and uses data for campaign optimization to help sellers maximize their ad spend and achieve marketing objectives. You can set specific goals (like sales or brand awareness) and access competitor insights. Perpetua even lets you run display and video ads beyond Amazon.

17. Teikametrics Flywheel 2

Teikametrics Amazon Seller Central

Rating: ★★★★½ (G2)

Teikametrics Flywheel 2 utilizes AI for automated ad management. It optimizes bids and targets across campaigns, while data insights on markets, competitors, and products help refine advertising strategies.

18. PPCAssist

PPCAssist Amazon Seller Central

Rating: ★★★★★

PPCAssist provides advanced tools to optimize marketing and advertising efforts. It offers features for automating ad strategies, enhancing campaign scalability, and improving ad performance insights. Sellers can streamline their ad operations, targeting high-performance keywords and adjusting bids in real-time to maximize advertising effectiveness.

Optimize Seller Central with the Right Integrations

In today’s hyper-competitive Amazon marketplace, sellers need every advantage available. The right integrations for Amazon Seller Central will help you get the most from the platform’s data by adding it to state-of-the-art tools designed to help you succeed.

Noogata sets itself apart from other integrations by providing actionable AI-powered insights to grow your Amazon sales that can be implemented by everyone from the C-suite to eCommerce team managers. 

Try a free demo today to discover why Noogata is a must-have integration for your Amazon business.

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