Top Ten Helium 10 Alternatives

By Daniel Peled on July 03, 2024
Top Ten Helium 10 Alternatives

Most Amazon merchants use third-party tools to manage eCommerce essentials like advertising, analytics, inventory management, and pricing. One of the more popular all-in-one solutions is Helium 10, known for its tools to facilitate business operations, make informed decisions, and boost sales on Amazon. However, it may not be a reliable path to success for all sellers. 

Recent data shows there are over 9 million sellers on Amazon marketplaces worldwide—all vying for customer attention. To stand out in this highly competitive environment, you need tools tailored to your unique business goals and challenges. With some Helium 10 customers reporting issues, seeking other options is prudent for any eCommerce business.

This guide reveals ten powerful Helium 10 alternatives that could streamline your workflow, increase your profits, and give you the edge you need to succeed.

What is Helium 10, and why should you consider an alternative?

Helium 10 is comprehensive software that provides Amazon sellers with an array of tools for tasks like product research, keyword analysis, listing optimization, inventory management, and competitor tracking. Its goal is to provide a centralized platform that streamlines and enhances various aspects of selling on Amazon.

However, some Helium 10 users have reported issues with the platform’s accuracy, particularly in sales estimations and keyword ranking data. Others have found the learning curve steep and the interface complex, especially for beginners. Software costs can also be a barrier for some sellers.

These concerns have led many sellers to explore Helium 10 alternatives—third-party software solutions that might better align with their specific preferences, needs, and budgets. 


Types of Helium 10 Alternatives

Amazon sellers have two options for replacing Helium 10: finding another comprehensive solution incorporating multiple functionalities or assembling a custom tech stack with various solutions that exclusively provide specific functions.

These specialized solutions include:

  • Product Research Tools –  Helps you identify profitable product opportunities by analyzing market trends, competitor data, and search volume.
  • Keyword Research Tools – Discovers more effective keyword research to optimize your product listings and drive organic traffic.
  • Listing Optimization Tools – Crafts compelling product titles, descriptions, and bullet points that attract buyers and improve search rankings.
  • Inventory Management Tools – Tracks stock levels, forecasts demand, and manages order fulfillment to prevent stockouts and overstocks.
  • Analytics and Competitive Intelligence Tools – Provides marketplace analytics and insights into your competitors’ strategies to help you stay ahead.

Benefits of Helium 10 Alternatives

Helium 10 alternatives can unlock several benefits for Amazon sellers, including:

  • Cost-Effective – Many alternatives offer more affordable pricing.
  • User-Friendly – Some prioritize intuitive interfaces and streamlined workflows.
  • Specialized Features – Alternatives often focus on specific areas such as analytics, product research, or social media, offering in-depth functionality.
  • Data Accuracy – Certain tools boast superior accuracy in providing Amazon sales estimates and analyzing keyword rankings.
  • Flexibility – Sellers can choose individual tools tailored to specific needs.
  • Integrations – Easily integration into Amazon Seller Central or popular web browsers.
  • Customer Support – Some providers are known for their responsive and helpful support.

What are the key features of a Helium 10 alternative?

Choosing a suitable Helium 10 alternative depends on your specific needs and priorities. Look for tools that offer specialized features tailored to your specific use cases or that solve issues you may have had with Helium 10.

If you find Helium 10’s interface overwhelming, prioritize alternatives that offer a more user-friendly experience with clean, organized dashboards and intuitive workflows.

eCommerce Software Key Factors to Consider

For those seeking more reliable data, choose alternatives that leverage AI and robust data sources, and also provide transparent insights into market trends.

If Helium 10’s pricing is a concern, explore alternatives that offer flexible pricing plans or free trials, allowing you to test it before committing to a subscription. Consider your budget and choose a comprehensive tool that provides the best value for your investment.

Top Ten Helium 10 Alternatives

1. Amazon Seller Central Brand Analytics

Helium Alternative Amazon Seller Central Brand Analytics

Amazon Seller Central Brand Analytics is a free tool offered by Amazon that provides insights into customer behavior and search trends. While not as comprehensive as Helium 10, it offers valuable data on search terms, demographics, purchase behavior, and more. It’s a great starting point for sellers looking for basic analytics and a deeper understanding of their target audience.

Best for: Introductory tool to gain basic insights into customer behavior and search trends.

Price: Free to Amazon sellers with a Professional plan and Brand Registry. 

Review: “Want to unlock the secrets of your Amazon customers’ buying habits? Amazon Brand Analytics is the key.”

2. Noogata

Helium Alternative Noogata

Noogata’s AI-powered eCommerce intelligence platform goes beyond the standard toolkit. It offers features that empower Amazon sellers with actionable insights and data-driven recommendations. Noogata analyzes vast data to uncover hidden opportunities, optimize your listings, track competitor performance, and supercharge your advertising campaigns.

Unlike Helium 10, Noogata emphasizes ease of use and intuitive visualizations, making it accessible to sellers of all levels. Its AI Assistant provides personalized guidance and helps you make informed decisions that drive Amazon business growth.

Best for: Deep analytics and actionable insights for the whole eCommerce team.

Price: By request. A free demo is available.

Review: “You can identify areas where your competitors are succeeding and learn from them, as well as areas where they are struggling and avoid making the same mistakes.”

3. Perpetua

Helium Alternative Perpetua

The Perpetua platform is focused on optimizing Amazon PPC advertising campaigns. Unlike Helium 10’s broader suite, Perpetua’s specialization allows for more advanced ad optimization features and algorithms. Its AI analyzes campaign data and makes real-time adjustments to maximize your return on investment.

Best for: Automating and maximizing Amazon PPC advertising.

Price: Three plans – Essentials ($695/mo., up to 10k ad spend); Growth ($695 /mo. + % of ad spend, over 10k ad spend); and Custom (Variable pricing, over 500k ad spend).

Review: “(We) love the ability to advertise and measure on a SKU level.”

4. SellerApp

Helium Alternative SellerApp

A comprehensive Amazon seller tool, SellerApp has a range of features for product research, keyword tracking, listing optimization, and PPC advertising management. Like Helium 10, it provides tools to support various aspects of your Amazon business, but with a more user-friendly interface and competitive pricing. SellerApp’s reporting capabilities are also noteworthy for giving sellers insights into their performance and areas for improvement.

Best for: An affordable, user-friendly all-in-one alternative to Helium 10.

Price: Four plans – Freemium, DIY professional ($99/mo.), Smart Plan with Automation ($149/mo.), and Custom Requirements.

Review: “Compared to other similar solutions, I feel SellerApp is a better value for the money.”

5. CamelCamelCamel

Helium Alternative CamelCamelCamel

CamelCamelCamel is an Amazon price tracker that allows you to monitor product prices over time and receive alerts when prices drop. It’s a valuable tool for finding the best deals on products and optimizing your pricing strategy. CamelCamelCamel monitors millions of products and conveniently works as a browser extension called ‘The Camelizer.’

Best for: Simple but comprehensive product price tracking.

Price: Free

Review: “Easy to set up and works like a charm. Just set it up, add what percentage you want to see an alert on, and start adding things to your lists.”

6. Teikametrics Flywheel 2.0

Helium Alternative Teikametrics

Teikametrics Flywheel 2.0 is another platform that optimizes Amazon advertising and sales performance. Specializing in automation and profit optimization, Teikametrics boasts algorithms that analyze data to make real-time bidding and keyword adjustments. The platform also connects to Walmart and Target, and provides SKU-level sales insights.

Best for: Automated advertising optimization for multichannel Amazon sellers.

Price: Offers three plans at different prices based on features and ad spend.

Review: “Teikametrics support has always been helpful in analyzing and optimizing our ad strategies and campaigns.”

7. DataHawk

Helium Alternative Datahawk

As the name indicates, DataHawk’s analytics platform is designed to help Amazon sellers and brands make informed decisions. Similar to Helium 10, it offers a suite of tools for product tracking, profit analytics, inventory management, and advertising optimization. However, DataHawk differentiates itself with its accessible interface, analytics capabilities, and extensive reporting options. 

Best for: User-friendly platform Amazon analytics and reporting features.

Price: By inquiry.

Review: “The best feature of DataHawk is how they made keyword rank tracking…Much more clear and visually understandable than Helium 10 Keyword Tracker.”

8. Jungle Scout

Helium Alternative Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout’s all-in-one platform is a top competitor to Helium 10. It provides many features for product research, keyword analysis, listing optimization, inventory management, and sales analytics. It’s known for its extensive database of product information and sales tracking tools. However, like Helium 10, Jungle Scout can be pricey. Its product database is focused on the US market, which might be a limitation for international sellers.

Best for: Established sellers needing a comprehensive US market platform. 

Price: Four plans – Basic ($29/mo.), Suite ($49/mo.), Professional ($84/mo.), and Cobalt (custom enterprise pricing).

Review: “My biggest (issue) was that I’m not really in the market to sell random products, which is what I feel like this platform is great for.” 

9. Keepa

Helium Alternative Keepa

A price tracker and product research tool, Keepa provides in-depth historical price data and sales rank information for all Amazon products. It focuses on data analysis and offers detailed charts and graphs to help you understand price trends in the US and internationally. Keepa also offers browser extensions and mobile apps for convenient price tracking on the go.

Best for: Price history data and tracking in Amazon’s eleven biggest marketplaces.

Price: Free version (limited) or 19 €/monthly to access all features.

Review: “The price tracking feature and timely notifications when prices go down of products in your wishlist (are the) best.”

10. ZonGuru

Helium Alternative ZonGuru

ZonGuru offers tools, including product research, keyword tracking, listing optimization, and PPC management, that are similar to Helium 10. It differentiates itself through its data-driven insights and unique features like the ‘Love-Hate’ tool, which analyzes customer reviews to identify product strengths and weaknesses. ZonGuru integrates Generative AI, including the latest ChatGPT, to help you optimize listings.

Best for: Amazon brands and agencies looking for AI-powered comprehensive management software.

Price: Three plans – Researcher ($29/mo.), Seller ($49/mo.), and Enterprise Solutions (for agencies, custom pricing), along with various add-ons.

Review: “Used ZonGuru already and got me thinking about products I liked but wasn’t sure of.”

Don’t Let Your Sales Deflate: Try Noogata

Using the right software tools can make all the difference in your Amazon success story. Don’t let your sales deflate by sticking with a one-size-fits-all solution when your business deserves a tailored approach.

If you’re seeking a Helium 10 alternative that goes beyond basic analytics, look no further than Noogata. Its AI-powered insights and recommendations provide actionable intelligence for your entire eCommerce team, helping you uncover hidden opportunities, make data-driven decisions, and outmaneuver your competition.

Try a Noogata demo today and watch your Amazon revenue soar.

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